About Me

PG2Hi there, I’m Pawel Grabowski, a lead generation copywriter and content writer based in rainy but beautiful Ireland.

I work with people just like you – B2B SaaS founders, CEOs, inbound marketers and product managers obsessed with driving more website traffic, attracting new users and generating highly relevant leads.

I write copy and content that attracts relevant traffic, converts website visitors into users and helps generate quality leads.

I specialize in writing lead generation and inbound marketing content, from thought-provoking eBooks, long form guides and other lead magnets, email campaigns to seductive landing pages and website copy that help attract new users, build your audience and generate quality leads.

Why me?

To successfully use content to generate software leads you need someone who:

  • Understands the technology behind your product,
  • Can convert even the most intricate technical concepts into compelling copy and,
  • Knows how to persuade potential users with copy.

And I tick all the boxes.

You see, unlike many copywriters, I also have a background in software development, business AND software marketing and sales:

I hold a Masters in Marketing from National College of Ireland with dissertation on SaaS marketing.

I ran a small software company where I co-developed and marketed 3 web applications.

And I also held a marketing position in a self-funded SaaS startup (who, by the way, are still my client today).

So, if you’re a SaaS or Software company owner or marketer who creates content to:

  • Attract more qualified website traffic,
  • Generate more quality leads,
  • Increase the awareness of your product,
  • Convince more visitors to sign up,
  • Build an engaged audience, and
  • Accelerate your sales process…

…but you’re too busy to write it yourself… 

…then I’m the guy you should be talking to.

To learn how I help SaaS companies use inbound marketing to drive more qualified traffic, publish content consistently and generate leads, visit my SaaS copywriting page.

Or find out how I help Software companies.

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