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Why I Write Content and Copy for SaaS Companies

If you’re like most busy SaaS marketing managers, then you probably spend an awful lot of time planning, structuring and optimizing lead generation campaigns.

You identify topics that can engage your target audience. You research keywords to attract them to the site. You also conceive strategies to connect with them, taking the relationship further.

This, however, leaves you little time to work on the one thing that makes your plans happen:

Creating content assets so good that they leave your competitors far behind.

After all, your competitors constantly publish stimulating blog posts to attract more visitors to their sites. They launch long-form content to secure top Google rankings. And many create thought-provoking white papers to generate leads and start developing business relationships with the very people who might be considering your solution right now.

And the only way you can come out on top is by communicating with them even better.

As one of my clients told me:

“You know Pawel, we’ve tried everything – ads, social, SEO… But it was only when we started communicating in the way our audience seemed to love that all those channels began driving results.”

And so, for the last four years, I’ve been focusing on one single goal – helping SaaS marketers leverage great copy to drive more leads and demo requests than their competition.

Pawel Grabowski SaaS CopywriterOk but who am I?

My name is Pawel Grabowski. I’m a lead generation copywriter working exclusively with growing SaaS brands.

Over the last four years, I wrote hundreds of blog posts, long-form guides, tutorials, landing pages, whitepapers and other lead generation assets that helped SaaS companies like Hubspot, AdEspresso, Attach, SEMrush, seoClarity, Drift, Autopilot, Uservoice and many others:

  • Generate and convert more inbound leads
  • Attract the target audience
  • Boost search rankings and visibility
  • Grow and expand the user base
  • Make their brands more visible.

What makes me different from the other guys?

Here’s something I’ve been reminding SaaS businesses from the start of my career:

Finding a good SaaS copywriter is hard. Darn hard, in fact.

If you want a copy that will get potential users to notice your product and persuade them to give it a try, you need someone who:

  • Understands how SaaS customers think,
  • Can convert even the most complex features into clear benefits and,
  • Knows how to write compelling copy that matches the SaaS audience’s expectations.

And I tick all the boxes.

As a former owner of a small software company I can understand your product, uncover your core message and communicate it in a clear and concise way.

Not to mention that my background in marketing, Masters in marketing (with a dissertation on SaaS marketing) and experience in selling software helps me identify your audience’s needs and convert them into a persuasive copy.

But specifically, here’s why clients choose me for their projects:

  • 7 years of online copywriting experience, and 4+ years of working exclusively in the SaaS industry.
  • Master’s in marketing with dissertation on SaaS marketing.
  • Professional experience in Software Marketing and Sales.
  • Previous experience as a marketing manager for a SaaS Company.
  • 5 years of experience in running a small software firm.
  • 4 years of practical SEO experience.

Which pretty much means that:

I understand the SaaS audience and how to communicate with them effectively. My high-degree of specialized SaaS market knowledge comes from years of writing exclusively for your industry and hands-on experience in marketing SaaS products.

And this means that:

I require little direction in the process. I can decide what stories to tell, tone to take, and arguments to make to attract, engage and convert your visitors. And that’s regardless of what type of content I’m writing.

As a result:

I can write in a highly engaging tone to which SaaS audiences respond so well. In fact, many clients admit they love my writing style – clear, compelling and persuasive, helping them to connect with their target audience.

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