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This is How to Find Content Ideas That Will Grow Your SaaS

January 17, 2017

SaaS Content Ideas

This I’m sure you already know – to grow your SaaS, you need to create and publish incredible content.

And you also know that you need to focus on solving specific problems if you want to get it noticed.

But let me guess:

You struggle with finding content ideas that can deliver value to your business, and ultimately, grow your user base, right?

In fact, at the end of last year, I asked SaaS founders and marketers I know about their biggest content-related challenges. And pretty much everyone concurred – it’s finding ideas for blog posts, and then, promoting them to the target audience.

So, in this post, I decided to help you with the first of those two problems.

I’ll show you 4 strategies you can use to find content ideas that will grow your SaaS. Guaranteed!

Intrigued? Then let’s get right to it.

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How to Increase Your SaaS Company’s Visibility and Brand Awareness: The Ultimate Guide

July 4, 2016

Increase SaaS brand awareness

I’m sure you’ll agree with me on this: If there’s anything you need more in your SaaS’ early days apart from first users, it’s visibility and brand awareness.

You need potential customers to find out that your product exists, begin recognizing its name and finally, start considering it as a possible solution to their problem.

It’s just… letting them know about it proves to be quite a challenge, doesn’t it?

You have no clue where to start. Instead of spreading the word on your product, you’re stuck, feeling lost about the techniques you could use, and unable to decide where to begin.

In reality, however, all you need is just a handful of strategies to achieve greater industry visibility and raise the awareness of your product.

Lucky for you, that’s EXACTLY what I’m going to talk about in this post.

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9 Calls to Action that Convert Blog Readers into Trial Users

June 13, 2016

calls to action convert blog readers into trial users

Do you sometimes question the usefulness of content?

Angrily dismiss it as just another hype that ultimately has no potential to attract users to your app?

I mean, you’ve been publishing posts for quite a while, right? You’ve tried time-tested strategies and then, dabbled with the new ones too.

And yet, apart from a spike in site visits every time you post, you haven’t seen any meaningful results from your efforts…

But here’s the catch:

I bet all this time you focused on the wrong aspect of content marketing.

Sure, publishing outstanding content is crucial. And delivering exceptional value helps position you as the authority and builds trust.

But unless you lead every visitor to sign up for your app… you can pretty much throw your strategy out through the window.

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5 Actionable Tips for Getting Your Content Noticed on Twitter

May 30, 2016

getting content noticed on twitter

Has this ever happened to you before? You published a new post. Excited about all the great insights you shared you rush off to tweet your audience about it and then…

… watch the analytics on your site remain stuck at zero.

It seems that your audience doesn’t care about your advice, right?

Or that what you’ve published failed to strike a chord with them.

Or maybe they simply didn’t notice your tweet.

You have to admit; Twitter’s become a crowded place. Internet Live Stats says that there are 7255 tweets sent every second!

And so, your post’s headline and the link no longer breaks through the noise.

Luckily, that doesn’t mean your blog can’t get noticed. You just have to know how to talk about it for your audience to see it.

And in this post, I’ll show you five actionable tips for ensuring your content stands out on Twitter.

Ready? Let’s get cracking then…

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