My Book

In 2010 I published a book.

Ok, it might not seem like a big achievement but to me it kind of was. A book is something every writer strives towards and well, I finally got around to writing mine back then.

The Smart Business Guide to Winning New Work” is a book on selling and winning new clients for a business. It’s based on my experiences in growing my company from a small, one man operation I ran from my bedroom to a small company operating from two countries.

The book has ran its course for me though. I can’t deny that I would write a lot of information there differently and perhaps one day I will get around to updating it. For now, I am concentrating on my new project but shhhh, it’s a secret one for now!

Having said that, if you are looking for some heavily practical advice on how to find new clients, do check out the book. It’s really good, promise.

Some nice words people said about it include:

I recommend this book for beginners. If you’ve never had sales training before or have minimal experience with sales, there’s a lot you can learn from The Smart Business Guide to Winning New Work.
Pawel Grabowski takes the intimidation factor out of sales. Best of all, the book helps you establish a sales process and structure in your startup — because it’s not enough to know how to sell. You need a well-oiled process if you want to keep the sales pipeline flowing.
Anita Campbell – CEO,

I already knew that Pawel knew his stuff but reading the book reemphasized that this guy is someone who isn’t throwing theory at you. This is real life experience. I was also struck at how conversational the tone of the book was. While some books “lecture” you from their high horses, this one was like having a really cool guy telling you everything he knows about getting new clients.
Princess Jones –