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Below is a selection of various projects I wrote for my clients. Check them out and if my style is what you’re looking for, get in touch to tell me about your project.


Project: Long Form Guide + Content Upgrade (eBook)


Project: Long Form Guide
Instagram Advertising is still relatively new. I researched and wrote a 4k words guide providing an overview of Instagram advertising platform and offering 20 best practices for making the most of running ads on the social network.

Project: Blogging


AdEspresso’s blog is the most visited resource on Facebook advertising. With thousands of visits everyday, the team wanted to ensure their readers get reliable and high quality content every week. I began writing for AdEspresso in March 2015 working closely with the company’s CEO to establish a tone of voice and new approach to creating content for the blog. Within 2 months my role grew to one of the main writers on the site. I’m also involved in developing content strategy with the company’s CEO.


Project: Slideshare Presentation Script



Project: Website Copy

Adtailor is the world’s first ever big data audience profiler designed to help websites engage visitors with tailored content. My task was to write website copy that would translate Adtailor’s complex concept and functionality for an average webmaster and entice them to explore the product further.

Project: Homepage Copy


GetSocial offers the ultimate set of social media tools for businesses of any size. The company commissioned me to write homepage copy to promote their main tool, Social Sharing Analytics.


Project: Website Copy


Beacon app lets anyone convert blog posts and other content into professional and interactive eBooks without any need for a designer. The company needed a new website copy to improve conversions. I created the structure and wrote copy communicating the benefits of using the product and customers’ overcoming sales objections.


Project: Blogging


UserVoice blog is the key resource for product management and related topics. With a growing audience, the company decided to bring new voices and perspectives on board. I’ve been working with UserVoice to deliver weekly product management articles and resources.


Project: Long Form Guides


SERPs is one of the leading rank tracking applications providing accurate daily keyword rankings to enterprises and large marketing agencies. I have been working with SERPs for over 2 years now. During this time I have worked on various projects, including writing a series of Ultimate Guides on various SEO related topics.


Project: Tutorials

I also wrote a series of technical tutorials for


Project: Long Form Guide + Content Upgrade (Checklist)


Project: Blogging


Attach app lets you measure engagement with any sales collateral you send clients. The company needed regular top of the funnel content for their blog and commissioned me as a regular writer.

Sample: 5 Reasons Why Email Tracking isn’t a Reliable Sales Metric (and What You Should Track Instead)

Project: Blogging

cmio is a stellar new app by Sujan Patel helping promote content by automating sources and experts outreach. With few clicks you can let any people you’ve referenced in an article about it, ask for feedback and help spreading the word. The company needed

Example: How to Convert Existing Content into an Email Drip Campaign

Inbound Interactive

Project: eBooks


Inbound is a kick-ass digital marketing agency from Alberta, Canada. I worked with the company’s CEO, Calin, writing copy for their 3 lead generation eBooks.

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