B2B SaaS Copywriting Services

I’m sure you’ll agree – Today’s customers tune out of meek copy.

They ignore weak headlines, bounce off dull pages and disregard calls to action even if the message hits them right between the eyes.

But wouldn’t it be great though if you didn’t have to worry about any of it?

If your content helped you:

  • Attract more visitors, grow your audience and generate leads,
  • Drive targeted audience to the site, and
  • Increase your online visibility by ranking for the exact keywords your audience is using?

That’s exactly what I can help you achieve.


Hi there, I’m Pawel. I’m a freelance SaaS copywriter working exclusively with B2B SaaS companies.

I help people just like you – SaaS marketing managers, growth marketers and founders leverage the power of great copy to attract, engage and convert new users.

Over the last couple of years, I wrote hundreds of blog posts, guides, tutorials, landing pages, whitepapers and other lead generation assets that helped SaaS companies like AdEspresso, Attach, SEMrush, SERPs.com and many others increase online visibility, attract large audience, generate leads and convince new users to try their products.

But I bring more than just a writing skill to the table

With a Masters in marketing and background in business, I can quickly identify your company’s needs and design content strategies to help achieve them.

My experience as SaaS marketing manager and software company owner helps me to understand your business’ challenges, uncover your message and devise ways to communicate it in a clear and concise way.

Here’s what content I could write for you:

  • Stimulating blog posts to build a raving audience.
  • Thought-provoking eBooks and whitepapers to raise your expert status.
  • Enchanting email drip-campaigns to convert trial users into paying customers.
  • Entrancing explainer videos to draw visitors to your sign up page.
  • Clear product documentation to help users make the most of your product.

And much more.

When working on your content I’ll:

  • Research every topic to deliver the exact advice your audience needs
  • Provide examples to illustrate every idea in practice
  • Mention and reference relevant additional information to help the audience acquire all the knowledge they seek
  • Optimise each piece for specific keywords to increase its visibility

When working with me you can expect:

  • High-quality, well-researched content containing the exact information your audience is looking for
  • Projects delivered on-time and to specification

What makes me perfect for your project:

  • 7 years of web writing experience,
  • 4+ years of marketing exclusively to B2B SaaS audience.
  • Masters in Marketing with dissertation on SaaS marketing.
  • Professional experience in Marketing and Sales.
  • Vast experience in promoting SaaS companies.
  • Previous experience as a marketing manager for SaaS startup
  • 4+ years professional SEO experience.

My Pricing:

My fees are in line with what other professional copywriters with similar experience charge. I charge flat fees for most content types (like blog posts, power posts, etc.) but price eBooks and lead magnets per word, due to different formats, lengths, and topics complexity.

Note that I do not negotiate rates. However, I am willing to do less work for a cheaper fee. If you’re restrained by a budget, let me know. Chances are that we would be able to work something out.

Interested in working with me? Great! Here’s how to get started:

Tell me about your project. I get back to you within 24 hours to let you know if I think we could work together, indicate my rates and my availability.

Then, if we’re both happy with everything, we schedule an intro call over Skype to discuss your project in-depth and plan the work.

Tell Me About Your Project

I will do my best to reply within 24 hours. Since I live in Ireland, a time zone difference might extend that time a little though so please be patient.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



I’m speaking on SaaS lead generation with content at the Digital Olympus online event on June 21st.

The event will be held online and you can Register Here

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