5 SaaS Website Elements that Support SEO

April 2, 2019

SaaS Website SEO Tips

A typical SaaS website must achieve three ridiculously ambitious objectives.

  1. It must introduce the product and make it stand out among the (enormous!) competition,
  2. The website has to convince visitors to sign up for trial or request a demo.
  3. It also must support the company’s SEO efforts to attract those people in the first place.

What’s more, it must do it with the short copy featured on its pages, typically.

SaaS websites rarely include long passages of text explaining the product, after all. SaaS companies prefer putting the emphasis on the design to convey the message.

But I must be fair. Most SaaS websites achieve the first two objectives well. Some better than others, of course. Overall, however, most software companies have realized how to use the site to engage and convert potential users already.

But they rarely consider how various design elements affect SEO. As a result, SaaS websites often miss out on essential factors that help attract more targeted traffic.

For you, this is an opportunity. You can get ahead of the competition in Google by optimizing the site to drive search performance too.

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What Does an SEO Copywriter Do, Specifically?

November 5, 2018

SEO Copywriter

Let’s start by dispelling a myth: A good SEO copywriter does way more than just filling your content with target keywords.

Or at least, they should do way more.

For one, they should help you assess the search opportunity. Then, understand the search results better. They should also suggest interlinking opportunities, and do so much more to help your content rank better.

But finding such an SEO copywriter is hard, isn’t it? 

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My Two Favorite Hacks to a More Conversational Writing

June 25, 2018

Tips fpr Conversational Writing and Conversational Content

I’m sure you’ve heard – Today’s content is all about engagement.

Even the data from Content Marketing Institute most recent Benchmark Report confirms it:

The majority of marketers put engagement ahead of sales or leads.

To me, this comes as no surprise.

After all, engagement has always been the key and the prerequisite to attracting and converting visitors.

It’s only when you manage to hold a person reading, particularly on their first encounter with your brand, you stand a chance at converting them later.

Now, many factors affect how engaging a content might be. Topic, for example, or value they get from your articles.

But also, your writing style.

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How to Openly Promote a Product in Guest Posts

March 14, 2018

In a recent conversation, a good friend and a startup founder mentioned his concerns about guest posting.

He understands how beneficial the strategy could be for his company. But he fears that without openly mentioning the product, any article he places on another site will have little or no business impact.

And he’s right.

Which is exactly why he’s worried. He knows that most websites will not allow him to promote his product in a guest post.

Luckily, there is a way around it. Even two.

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