Wrong Page Ranking for a Keyword? Here’s How to Overcome It

February 14, 2020

John is furious. 

Looking at the screen once again he begins cursing it all – the search engine, the ranking report in front of him, even his SEO skills. 

What makes Google rank the wrong page for the keyword all the time, he wonders. 

Why does it continue to mess up his site’s search visibility so much?

It can’t be his fault, can it? He’s done everything by the book, after all. He’s included the right keyword in the copy and created a page that users must find relevant… But the wrong page is ranking for the keyword anyway. 

What happened? 

Unfortunately, a lot (and, most likely, Google did not cause the problem at all… John did.

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How to Identify and Fix Keyword Cannibalization in SaaS (2020 Guide)

May 19, 2019

Keyword Cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization is the single most prevailing mistake I find on SaaS websites.

In fact, almost every site I evaluate suffers from having pages or blog posts targeting the same keyword.

I have to give those companies some credit, though. Cannibalization is a ridiculously easy mistake to make. Why wouldn’t you optimize more pages for the same keyword, after all? Logically, doing so should only increase your chances to rank higher in the search results, right?

Not really.

Cannibalizing keywords would, most likely, confuse the search engines. As a result, your pages will struggle with achieving their full SEO potential, in fact.

Let me show you how to avoid it, easily.

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SaaS Keyword Research: How to Find The Right Keywords To Drive Traffic and Signups

May 7, 2019

SaaS keyword research guide

Keywords are the driving force of your SEO success.

They are what your potential users type into Google, after all. By ranking for those search terms, you can connect with them as they progress from learning more about their problem, evaluating available solutions, researching your product to getting back to your website to sign up.

Well, that’s what SHOULD be happening, at least.

But as many SaaS marketers have told me over and over again – They often miss the mark when choosing the right keywords.

Sure, they conduct some keyword research. In the process, they find phrases they’d consider valuable and publish a piece of content they hope could rank well for them.

But in the end, they typically watch those pages never moving past some obscure rankings. Ever.

In this guide, you’ll find out why it happens – through the poor topic and keyword targeting – and what you must do never to experience such a problem again.

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5 SaaS Website Elements that Support SEO

April 2, 2019

SaaS Website SEO Tips

A typical SaaS website must achieve three ridiculously ambitious objectives.

  1. It must introduce the product and make it stand out among the (enormous!) competition,
  2. The website has to convince visitors to sign up for trial or request a demo.
  3. It also must support the company’s SEO efforts to attract those people in the first place.

What’s more, it must do it with the short copy featured on its pages, typically.

SaaS websites rarely include long passages of text explaining the product, after all. SaaS companies prefer putting the emphasis on the design to convey the message.

But I must be fair. Most SaaS websites achieve the first two objectives well. Some better than others, of course. Overall, however, most software companies have realized how to use the site to engage and convert potential users already.

But they rarely consider how various design elements affect SEO. As a result, SaaS websites often miss out on essential factors that help attract more targeted traffic.

For you, this is an opportunity. You can get ahead of the competition in Google by optimizing the site to drive search performance too.

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