Everything You Need to Know About Creating Content Hubs for SEO

September 6, 2021
Content hub for SEO.

The purpose of this guide is to help you create content hubs for SEO that will increase your SaaS’ rankings, and drive more organic traffic, and leads. 

But before I tell you everything about this amazing content marketing strategy, we have to briefly touch on a bigger issue – Topical authority as an absolute requirement for ranking.

You see, in the “old” days, we needed just two things to rank – A well-optimized page and a ton of links. 

Sure, getting to page one of SERPs still wasn’t easy. But at least the process was relatively simple.

Today, search engines are ridiculously smart. They know what searchers want. They understand the context and intent behind each query, and they’re brilliant at delivering the most relevant results. 

This means that search engines go beyond just keywords and links to pick whom to include in the search results. 

For one, today, Google will not rank pages unless it considers them a topical authority. Because of that, to rank any piece of content in SERPs, you must first convince Google of your topical relevance. 

That’s one thing that content hubs help you achieve. 

So, below I’ll you’ll learn everything about creating content hubs for SEO. You’ll learn:

  • Why do you need a content hub at all 
  • How to create pick topics for the pillar page and the spoke content. 
  • You’ll also see examples of content hubs built for SEO specifically. 

Intrigued? Let’s get right to it, then.

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Content Marketing for SaaS: The Ultimate Guide

August 26, 2021
SaaS content marketing.

Are you considering using content marketing to grow your SaaS? Heard so many other SaaS brands praising content, and now, you’re wondering how you could be using content marketing to promote your product too?

YOU KNOW, IT’S AN UNDISPUTABLE FACT: All of the biggest SaaS brands use the content as the biggest part of their marketing efforts. 

There really are no exceptions.

Pick a major SaaS brand, visit their site, and you’ll see it: 

Plenty of blog posts, long-form content, case studies, courses, and other pieces of content that help the brand position itself along the customer journey, engage its target audience and boost free trial signups. 

Analyze their marketing efforts, and you’ll be able to trace a big chunk of their growth back to content too. 

This guide will show you how to do the same. 

You’ll learn how to use content marketing to get your SaaS found online, connect with potential customers, and generate more leads. We’ll also discuss developing a SaaS content marketing strategy and go through some tools to help you get it done. 

But there’s something else that we need to cover first…

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How Your SaaS Company Should Be Converting Blog Traffic

May 8, 2020

How to convert blog traffic into sales.

Rita is close to tears.

We’re sitting at a consultation call and she recalls how her boss hired her to bring more signups, how she’s been creating content, how, after nearly 18 months of working on SEO, some of those assets had finally started ranking and attracting website visitors. And how, in spite of doing all this, she is generating practically zero signups for the company.

“Why can’t I convert blog traffic into signups and sales? And what am I going to tell my boss, if she asks about it?” – She wonders.

Now, she has done everything by the book, she thinks:

  • She put calls to action all over the blog. 
  • She’s also pushed the product in the content heavily so that no reader will miss on its incredible value. 

Yet, no one’s biting. 


Unfortunately, one part of the problem is exactly what she has been doing so far. The other, what Rita should have done instead. 

If you’re in a similar situation, keep on reading. In this guide, I’ll show you the correct framework for converting blog traffic. 

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Link Building for Startups: A Guide to Building Links for Early-Stage Startups

March 16, 2020

This post is about link building for startups. However, before I show you exactly how to build links for an early-stage company, let me tell you why acquiring backlinks for a startup is such a hard thing to do. 

(Because, unfortunately, it indeed is hard. Sorry.) 

You see, when it comes to SEO (or digital marketing in general,) most startups are in a real pickle. 

Unlike more established companies, they, typically, don’t have much content or other assets that could drive their link building and help them attract visitors and leads. 

At the same time, they can’t achieve much in the organic search without earning links… 

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