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Smashing Copy is a small and highly creative SEO agency and consultancy for SaaS brands.

We plan and execute SEO campaigns to help rank your brand higher in Google, build up brand awareness, and increase your organic leads and signups.

Typically, our clients are B2B SaaS brands selling to the SMB market, with an ACV up to $50k, but we’ve worked in other industries as well – IT/MSP, retail technology to enterprise software and more.

When working with clients, we become an integral part of your marketing or growth team, bringing our deep SEO and link building expertise to the table to help you 10X rankings, organic traffic, and leads.

Are we a fit?

  • You are ready to invest in SEO and content marketing over several months to achieve the long-term, sustainable growth,
  • You seek a partner to manage all aspects of the strategy for you (hint: we don’t work well when micro-managed.)
  • You have an in-house person responsible for marketing. It could be the owner or another non-marketing person; we don’t mind, as long as there is a single, dedicated contact inside your team who will take ownership of the project on your end.
  • You have a minimum budget of €2500/month (approx. $2700) for the campaign.

Our Values

The Agile Approach

We focus on maximizing your investment.

We identify and target the biggest wins first and improve your search visibility gradually by testing, learning, and iterating along the way. By working this way, we deliver results quicker and accrue less cost for you.

Regular Communication

We understand how critical transparent and regular communication is to a successful client-vendor cooperation and we ensure that you never have to wonder about what’s going on with your campaign.

When working with us, you get weekly activity reports, monthly campaign performance analysis, and you can even monitor our progress in real-time with a shared Kanban board.

Problem Solving Attitude

We do not follow set processes mechanically for each campaign. Instead, we always start by identifying and analyzing your problem in full to find unique solutions to deliver the results you want.