Increase the ROI from your existing content

The Content Boost is a 3-month program that aims to help SaaS companies capitalize on their existing content and maximize the results from the assets they have already.

Ideal for:

SaaS companies that have been publishing content consistently but feel that they don't get the results they should from it.

SaaS marketing teams that need to improve their content's performance in Google

Program Overview

  • A 3-month project to help increase the ROI of the existing body of content your have. 
  • The program focuses on identifying and optimizing pages that haven’t achieved their full SEO potential to increase their rankings, traffic, and conversions.
  • Content Boost allows you to improve the search performance of the existing content, updated it to target modern SEO strategies and increase the ROI from the website and the blog. 

The program costs $1500 per month for 3 months.

How Does Content Boost Work in Practice?

I work with you to understand your business goals and marketing objectives, as well as the content’s performance so far. We also analyze potential issues with the content and try to understand its performance in the context of the market and the competition.

Based on these insights, I research the site to identify potential site-wide issues that affect the content’s performance. I also evaluate the performance and look for content gaps to identify pages that we could improve and increase their search performance.

The research is conducted based on your priority focus areas (i.e., topics or content categories) and outlines target pages that need to be optimized in the campaign.

I, then, execute the optimization of each page and present a before-and-after report on its performance, along with recommendations for future improvements.

What's Included

The campaign has a 3-month work cycle and follows this process:

Technical audit to identify any potential issues or bottlenecks from the technical point of view.

Content performance and content gap analysis to identify pages that haven’t maximized their organic traffic potential. The research is conducted based on the priority focus areas (i.e., topics or content categories) and outlines specific pages that need to be optimized in the campaign.

On-page optimization to improve target pages, including (per page):

  • SERP analysis to identify top factors to identify changes necessary to improve rankings
  • Improving keyword targeting (+ additional keyword research)
  • Meta tags optimization
  • Body copy optimization (incl. semantic keywords + expanding the copy)
  • Improving internal linking strategy
  • Re-indexing
  • Organic CTR improvements
  • Further recommendations for changes and off-page factors to implement.
  • Performance analysis

Project report including keywords performance and recommendations for future SEO work to capitalize on the current momentum.

Additional Resources Required to Deliver the Program

  • Your product expertise and market and audience knowledge. I will need your insights into the market and the audience to kickstart research and finalize the strategy.
  • Product demo account. I will set up a demo (or free trial) account and use it to understand the product and its positioning better.
  • Website development team. I may also need the support of your dev team to help implement any advanced technical changes based on the audit if any.

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