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Smashing Copy is a full-service SaaS content creation agency. We plan and create SEO-driven content that helps companies like yours drive more traffic and leads from search engines.

Why hire us: 11 years in business7 years of working exclusively with SaaS companies • Highly-experienced team of SEO consultants and content creators

SaaS content writer and SaaS content agency.

We help SaaS companies like yours get more traffic and leads with powerful content marketing strategies

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I’ve been showing our Analytics stats to other founders I know because I’m amazed how much traffic and direct signups Pawel’s work delivers every month. What’s more, all this is completely hands-off for me. Pawel and his team look after everything relating to our SEO and content, freeing me to work on other areas of the business.

Moritz Dausinger, CEO,

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SEO content agency for SaaS.

Why we’re the right content creation agency for your SaaS

Smashing Copy is a boutique content creation agency working exclusively with SaaS companies. 

Here’s what makes us the agency of choice for startups and established SaaS companies alike.

We have the experience to create content programs that drives rankings and revenue

We’re a small team of SEO strategists and content creation experts, with experience levels ranging from 11 years in the SEO industry to 3 years of content development. 

Together, we deliver incredibly powerful SEO-driven content marketing strategies for B2B SaaS companies.

We have worked in SaaS in previous roles

We’ve been on your side of the fence. For example, our founder, Pawel, has experience in running a SaaS company, working as a marketer in a SaaS company AND, he’s got a background in SaaS marketing as well. 

Before launching Smashing Copy, Pawel ran a small software company with three products on the market. He also worked as a marketing manager at, a rank tracking software (acquired.) Finally, he also has MSc in Marketing and wrote his dissertation on SaaS.

As a result:

  • We understand the dynamics of selling software products.
  • We also know how SaaS customers look for and engage with products online, and
  • Our background and experience in promoting software products help us envision a roadmap for reaching your business goals.

Plus, we've been helping SaaS brands for quite some time too

We’ve been in business for 11 years, and we’ve been working exclusively with B2B SaaS companies since 2014.

Since launching, we’ve worked with over 40 SaaS brands, including well-known brands like HubSpot, SEMrush, Close, Ahrefs, Drift, AdEspresso, as well as new startups.

For most of our clients, we’ve been writing content on a monthly basis to helped them rank on page 1 for targeted keywords. For many, we’ve also planned and implemented the entire inbound marketing campaign – From developing a content strategy, optimizing existing content, to creating new assets to drive rankings and leads.

As a result, we know what works and what doesn’t for SaaS brands and hold nothing back when fighting to put you at the top.

How we approach creating SaaS content to help you win

We combine strategy, SEO, and copywriting expertise to help SaaS companies like yours get found online, boost rankings, increase organic traffic, and sign up demos and trials.

And over the years, we’ve perfected a workflow to make it happen.

Step 1. Audience Research, Market Analysis, and Strategy Development

content creation agency for SaaS.

We start every new client engagement by working closely with them and their marketing teams to:

  • Define their goals, 
  • Identify the biggest selling points of their product,
  • Understand their audience and the pain points that drive them to search for such a tool. 

Aside from that, we also conduct extensive keyword research, analyze your target audience, and even take a look at your competition too to discover topics and keywords you should be ranking for. 

We then prepare the content strategy outlining how we want to guide your prospects through the buyer’s journey with content, and convert them into signups. 


Step 2. Content Creation

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With the monthly content plan at hand, we begin creating high-quality content for you. 

Important to note – We do not outsource any content creation. We write all content pieces in-house, using our extensive SEO and content writing knowledge and experience. 

Naturally, you have a say in the process too – You review each outline before we begin writing, review drafts, and have a chance to add or edit things before publication.

Having said that, we do all the heavy lifting. All you do is approve.

Step 3. SEO Optimization

On-page optimization checklist.

Each piece of content we create for you goes through extensive on-page optimization to ensure that Google will pick it up, and rank it for its target keywords.

We also interlink your content with relevant pages to build relevant content hubs and create strong topical relevance.

Step 4. Ongoing Performance Monitoring and Campaign Optimization

SaaS content strategy analytics.

One of the things that make us different from other content and marketing agencies is our background and focus on SEO. 

For example, we never just publish your content and hope for the best. Instead, we continuously monitor each content asset’s performance. We, then, revisit underperforming pages regularly to continue improving their rankings and traffic levels. 

We keep you in the loop too. We also schedule monthly check-in calls with you to give us a chance to catch up on anything pending and discuss new ideas for the strategy. Finally, when working with us, you get access to an SEO dashboard to monitor the effect of our work on your business in real-time.


Smashing Copy is a fantastic content creation agency. Pawel and his team helped build our blog from scratch, and what a job they’ve done! Just one piece of the content they created ranks on pos.1 for all target keywords, attracted 50000 visits in the first six months and its traffic continues to grow at 3% weekly. Their other content performs at a similar level.

Jedrzej Meder, SEO and Content Team Lead

What makes Smashing Copy different?


We’re SaaS Content and SEO Experts

We’ve been working exclusively with SaaS companies for 7 years now. As a result, we understand the SaaS market like no other, know how your potential customers search for products like yours, and how to motivate them to pick your SaaS over another.


We’re a Really Really Small Agency

We see this as one of our major strengths. With only four people, we can be as creative and nimble as we need to deliver the results you’re after. 

Being small also means that we become personally invested in your success. Because we can work with only a small number of clients at a time, to us no client is just another account on the books. We build strong bonds with our clients, many of whom continue working with us for years, and always give everything when fighting to put them at the top.


We Have Simple Processes

We make the entire process fast and easy. In fact, we take care of all the hard work. All you need to do is approve.


We Don’t Lock Anyone into Long Term Contracts

You are free to cancel our services at any time. We do ask for an initial 3-month engagement so that we can better plan ahead our workload and availability. However, you can cancel it at any time by giving us a written 30-day notice. 

SaaS Content Creation Agency FAQ

What content do you write?

We specialize in writing SEO-focused content that aims to help you rank better and increase the amount of relevant traffic to your site. 

In practical terms, it means that we write almost every type of content that’s required to rank you for target keywords: blog posts, long-form content, guides, product-led content, listicles, landing pages, and more.

What's your process?

Over the years, we’ve developed a proven workflow to research, plan, and create the best SEO-focused content. 

We begin by researching your ideal client persona and discovering what information relating to your product those people are researching online. We also evaluate how your competitors attract organic traffic from the search engines. Based on our findings, we develop a content strategy that outlines how we want to help reach your business goals. 

From then on, we create and optimize the content for SEO to ensure that Google will pick those pages up, and rank them well for target keywords. 

We also monitor the performance of those pages, once published, and continuously improve them to boost their rankings and traffic further. 

Do you also help with lead generation and user acquisition?

Yes, we do. Our goal isn’t to increase your traffic but to get you new signups and leads. Because of that, we define the lead generation strategy for each piece and create any necessary content to support it.

How do you work with clients?

We work as part of your team, and take over your content program so you can focus on other aspects of growing your SaaS. 

In practical terms, it means that we do everything – conduct research to develop a roadmap from where you are now to where you want to be, create all the content, audit and optimize your existing pages, and more – and basically own your entire SEO content marketing program to deliver the traffic and conversions you’re after.

Do you build links too?

No, we don’t. However, this isn’t because we don’t want to do it. As it happens, most of our clients would have relationships with other link building providers, and don’t need us to offer that service.

Why should we partner with you?

For one, because we have the industry expertise and the chops to make your growth happen. 

We’ve been working in SEO and content since 2010. Since 2014, we’ve been working exclusively with SaaS companies. 

What’s more, our founder has previous experience in running a software company and brings a deep understanding of SaaS marketing along with knowledge of the challenges you face to the table. 

Can we see some samples of your work?

Of course! We included some samples on our portfolio page. Because most of our work goes live under our clients’ names, we can’t show those pieces in our portfolio. We can show them to you privately, though. Let us know if you’d like to see other samples or some specific content. 

Are we a good fit for working together?

If you’re:

  • Looking for an expert partner to take over and own your entire SEO content program
  • Want to achieve long-term, sustainable growth
  • Ready to invest in the content program over several months, 

Then, yes, we’re absolutely a fit. 

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