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Hey, I’m Pawel. I’m an email copywriter who can help you move people from your email list to the users database.


Do people download your eBooks or sign up to the mailing list, only never to return to your site or even think of your app again?

Are you planning an outreach campaign to drive initial users to your product but fear you’ll never hear back from potential buyers once you’ve emailed them?

Or perhaps you’re just dead tired of seeing poor open rates from your email marketing campaigns?

If your answer to any of the questions above is yes, then you need a strong email or autoresponder copy that would sprung the audience into action.

It could be a sales email, cold email sequence or a full blown drip campaign but you need the copy to generate the results you want.

Now, unless you’re on this page by accident, then, most likely, you already know all of this. You just need someone to write the copy for you.

You want someone who:

  • Understands SaaS buyers and has extensive experience writing for this market
  • Has a software development background and can convert even the most compelling features into benefits
  • Knows how to engage and persuade software buyers

And I tick all the boxes.

First, I used to run a software company with 3 products on the market. Sure, we weren’t big and sold our products here in Ireland only. But this gave me the experience in marketing and selling a software product to both small business and enterprise customers.

What’s more, it taught me how they think, what messages they respond to, and what engages them the most.

Plus, I have a marketing background and a MSc in Marketing (with dissertation in SaaS) and a huge personal interest in the psychology of buying.

All of which means that I understand the SaaS audience, know what ticks them, and can write compelling email copy to persuade them into action.

Here’s why clients choose me for their projects, specifically:

  • 7 years of online copywriting experience, and 4+ years of working exclusively in the SaaS industry.
  • Master’s in marketing with dissertation on SaaS marketing.
  • Professional experience in Software Marketing and Sales.
  • 5 years of experience in running a small software firm.
  • 4 years of practical SEO experience.

I’ll be happy to talk about writing your emails with you too.

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  • And if not, simply delete my email and let’s both go our separate ways. No hard feelings.