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Speed up your rankings with topically-relevant white-hat backlinks

Link building services designed to help you boost rankings and hit marketing goals.

  • Acquire completely white-hat backlinks to your content through guest posts and manual placement to increase its rankings and authority
  • Each link building campaign is custom-tailored to your specific needs
  • We conduct manual outreach only, utilizing our 10+ years of experience in selling, cold emailing, and connecting with prospects

Link Building Services for SaaS

Backlinks are one of the three key ranking factors, according to Google. All other elements being equal, a website with a stronger link profile will always outrank pages with fewer and weaker links. 

Unfortunately, building links is also one of the most challenging aspects of SEO. Identifying good link opportunities and convincing those websites to link to you requires both strong analytical skills and good salesmanship. That’s where the link building program comes in. 

The link building service focuses on building completely white-hat backlinks for your content to increase its rankings and authority. When building your links, I use over 25 link building strategies I’ve identified to work ideally for SaaS brands, and couple that with my ten+ years of sales experience.

A quick note about link quality

I get asked this a lot; and I always make it clear – I DO NOT build links from link farms, PBN networks, spun content, or use any other shady link building strategies.

All links are 100% legit and come from genuine (and often, highly respected) sites in your niche.

In fact, I ruthlessly evaluate each link opportunity for:

  • Topical relevance with your target market, product, and content.
  • Authority of the linking site.
  • Their traffic levels and audience.
  • Various backlink metrics to establish the site’s potential to boost your authority.

Unless the opportunity meets ALL required quality criteria, I discount it immediately.

What's Included

Each link includes:

  • Guaranteed placements on sites matching the DR or DA your campaign requires
  • Full link prospect research and analysis
  • Thorough background and quality check on each link prospect, using our proprietary 4-step link quality assessment formula
  • Fully manual outreach with follow-ups using our own L.I.N.K outreach formula
  • Professional content matching the target site’s editorial guidelines
  • Link monitoring for 30 days after it goes live



Link building is so tough! We’ve tried to outreach and secure links ourselves but we’ve aching quickly discovered how difficult and time-consuming it is to drive any significant results, particularly when you don’t have much experience. Pawel helped us scale link building efforts beyond what we thought was possible.

Pawel has an extensive network in SaaS (sometimes I feel like he knows everyone in the industry!!!!) and amazing outreach skills. With that, he’s been building high-quality and relevant links every month that push our content higher in rankings.

Honestly, if you’re looking to promote your content in Google, I can’t think of anyone better than Pawel to do it!

Greg d’Aboville, Head of Growth,