Scale your organic user acquisition with a fully-managed SEO and content marketing program

Managed SEO programs are ideal for companies that need help with developing, building, and managing their entire content marketing program, including keyword research, topic development, content production, optimization, and link building. 

Ideal for:

SaaS marketing teams wishing to scale their company's organic growth

SaaS companies that have seen success with another acquisition channel (i.e., PPC or sales) and want to capitalize on that success.

Program Overview

  • The managed SEO program includes handling the entire SEO strategy including content writing and link building.
  • Managed campaigns have 3-month sprint cycles, with each sprint focusing on optimizing and improving selected core focus areas (i.e., specific topics, keyword groups, or content clusters.)

How Does the Managed Program Work in Practice?

Managed programs start with in-depth SEO research and the development of SEO strategy and roadmap to reaching your goals.

The strategy is organized in 3-month sprints, with each sprint focusing on producing content and optimizing selected core focus areas (topics, keyword groups, or content clusters.)

During each sprint, I report to you weekly on tasks completed, send monthly performance reports, and we hold a quarterly review after each sprint.

What's Included

Managed SEO programs follows this process:

SETUP: In-depth SEO research, strategy, and roadmap

The setup stage includes:

  • Technical audit of the site. I begin by evaluating the site as it is now to eliminate any major site-wide issues that might hinder SEO efforts on existing and future pages.
  • Topical analysis to identify areas of focus. This helps prioritize tasks to target topics or categories with the highest proximity to purchase.
  • Site-wide keyword research and keyword mapping. Next, I conduct comprehensive keyword research to identify the most profitable phrases and identify keyword groups to focus on.
  • SEO strategy development. This creates a roadmap for us to take in the upcoming sprints.

SPRINTS: Each 3-month sprint includes:

  • Optimizations that need to be done to existing assets within the area of focus, if any
  • Creating new content assets for the area of focus
  • Technical and on-page optimization of new content assets
  • Link building to the most critical assets
  • Weekly progress reports, monthly performance reports, and quarterly reviews.

Additional Resources Required from You:

  • Your product expertise and market and audience knowledge. I will need your insights into the market and the audience to kickstart research and finalize the strategy.
  • Product demo account. I will set up a demo (or free trial) account and use it to understand the product and its positioning better.
  • Access to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console. This will help me better understand and evaluate the content’s performance.
  • Access to other marketing initiatives performance data. With this information, I will be able to understand the content’s performance in the context of the company’s overall marketing strategy.
  • Website development team. I may also need the support of your dev team to help implement any advanced technical changes based on the audit if any.

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