SEO copywriting and content writing for SaaS brands

Extensive SaaS and software industry experience. Deep SEO expertise. Tech know-how. I’m the copywriter who can finally help you get your clients’ message across.

And I can prove it.

Over the last four years, I helped over forty SaaS and software brands like HubSpot,, Drift, SEMrush, AdEspresso, and others, increase marketing results with a strong and persuasive copy and content.

Most of them have been coming back to hire me again and again and again. Some have been doing so for years.

Before becoming a full-time copywriter, I ran a software company and worked as an in-house SEO specialist. That’s how I learned how to engage software buyers and please the search engines.

Now, I share my experience with marketing agencies like yours. My goal is to help you deliver the exact results you’ve promised clients: To attract the right customers to their websites, persuade those people to sign up or request a demo, generate more leads … you name it!

How I Help Your Agency

I offer a full range of copywriting services. I’ve written hundreds of blog posts, white papers, website copy, long-form content, business and sales documents, SEO-driven copy, landing pages and more.

I can also write video scripts, email copy, sales enablement copy, critical business documents like product sheets, proposals, case studies, ad copy and a lot more.

How We Work Together

I aim to be as easy to work with as possible. I offer fast turnaround times. And I love establishing long-term relationships with clients, learning their processes, and delivering the work the way they usually do.

I simplify your budgeting process with flat rate pricing. A client requested a new copy or content? Pop open my special agency rate card to see how much it costs. And then, email me to get started.

Note, I will always provide you with the final quote for the work. The project might contain some custom elements, after all. That said, my rate card eliminates the need for you to go back and forth with me when planning it.

Want to put my expertise at work for your agency? Contact me right away to find out more or discuss a project you have in mind.