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With 11 years of professional, hands-on experience, we have learned how to get amazing results from SEO for SaaS.

SEO content strategy.

SEO Strategy & Planning

Get a detailed and actionable roadmap to reaching your goals with SEO and content.

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SEO content writing.

Content Creation

Grow your traffic and generate more leads with engaging SEO-driven content that both your customers and Google will unconditionally love.

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Audits and Optimization

Reach top rankings and increase the ROI from your existing content with data-driven on-page optimization.

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The best SaaS brands get our help when fighting to put their brands at the top

Copywriting client testimonial

“Pawel, you did more than fill a copywriting need for us, you got results. Both pillar pages you wrote for us rank at the top of page one for competitive keywords and drive thousands of visitors each month for us. You made it easy for me to know what you needed with an easy onboarding and education process, and you were invaluable during the process by providing expertise on the subject matter. Thank you!”

Jami Oetting, Director, Brand & Editorial, HubSpot

SaaS companies are under incredible pressure to grow fast

The software market has seen extraordinary growth levels in recent years. In 2020 alone, the US cloud software market reached $157Bn in value, and it continues to grow at an incredible rate.

But with such a huge market potential comes a challenge – Outdoing the already fierce competition for the potential customers’ attention, attracting them to the site, and enticing them to sign up.

As a SaaS business, you need to connect with other businesses, introduce your product to them, attract them to your site, and generate traffic, leads, and signups. 

Many marketing strategies assist with that. But none of them offer the same opportunity for growth as search engine optimization (SEO).

The problem? Achieving results with SEO – getting found online, driving traffic, leads, signups, and outranking the competition – is darn hard. 

That’s why we’re here.

Pawel Grabowski - Founder of SaaS SEO agency, Smashing Copy.Hi, my name is Pawel Grabowski. I am the founder and lead SEO strategist at Smashing Copy – a boutique SaaS SEO consulting firm.

I combine 11 years of professional SEO experience with 7 years spent creating SEO-driven content for SaaS brands to develop content strategies that will get your SaaS found online and hit your marketing goals.

I’ve built my SEO agency with you in mind – a busy marketer or founder who needs to increase rankings, drive greater organic traffic, generate leads, and even outrank more established competitors.

Give our services a try. You’ll find that working with us is simple and fun.

  • We offer the full suite of SaaS SEO services to drive your organic growth.
  • We communicate often. When working with us, you’ll receive weekly activity updates. This way, you’ll always know what’s happening with your campaign. (Note, you can also track our progress in real-time via the client dashboard.) Monthly performance reports, on the other hand, will show you the impact we’re making.
  • Plus, we’re easy to reach and respond quickly if you need help or advice. Our processes and playbooks guarantee that our SEO strategies will achieve the performance levels you’re after.

Corroborating Evidence of the ROI We've Delivered

  • Helped HubSpot rank for SEO-related keywords with dedicated SEO pillar pages and attract thousands of visitors and leads.
  • Created and ranked product-related landing pages for Close.
  • Generated 50000 visitors in six months for Tidio with just a single piece of content. Its organic traffic continues to grow at 3% weekly.
  • Grew SkedSocial’s traffic by 128% in one month just by optimizing their existing content.

SEO Capabilities

From site audits and technical SEO consulting to keyword research, developing an SEO strategy to link building, we offer the complete suite of SEO services that you need to accelerate organic search traffic and growth.



  • Site Audits
  • Google Penalty Recovery
  • Website Migrations
  • Website Architecture + Structure Review


  • Backlink Audit
  • Blogger Outreach
  • Digital PR

My Promise to You

Because I run a really small SEO agency for SaaS, I get personally invested in your success.

Since we work only with a handful of clients at a time, to us, you’re never just another account on the books. We build a strong partnership with you, work alongside you, and always give everything when fighting to put you at the top.

Here are just some of the examples of how this works in practice:

  • You always get an immediate and personal response from me. What’s more, every Friday, I’ll send you a quick activity update so that you’ll never wonder what I’ve been working on. My monthly campaign report, on the other hand, will tell you everything about your wins.
  • You are my only client in your niche for the duration of our engagement, effectively locking your competitors from using my deep SEO (search engine optimization) expertise to get more traffic and signups. 
  • And you also get unrestricted access to all of my SEO experience, expertise as well as all the workflows, processes, and playbooks I’ve developed over the years. I won’t hold anything back when fighting for your rankings, traffic, and search visibility.

So, when you work with us, you choose a B2B SaaS SEO agency that specializes in your market only. You select a partner with specific expertise required to push your brand to the first page rankings. And you will work with SEO experts that many amazing and respected brands – Hubspot, Close, SEMrush, AdEspresso, and more – have trusted to deliver successful SEO strategies already.

What clients say about working with us

Pawel has helped build our blog from scratch, and what a job he’s done! Just one piece of the content he created ranks on pos.1 for most of its target keywords, attracted 50000 visits in the first six months and its traffic continues to grow at 3% weekly. His other content performs at a similar level.

Pawel is an experienced SEO consultant and a fantastic content writer for SaaS. He introduced us to the process of creating outlines, the keyword research, and showed us how to engage users with our content.

Pawel is always positive, approachable, and never misses a deadline. We’ll definitely continue with him again and again.

Jedrzej Meder, SEO and Content Team Lead,

“Pawel exceeded my expectations by a long shot on this project. In a short time, he provided us with a very thorough evaluation of where our site is currently, where some “Easy Wins” are, and what some concrete strategies should be going forward. Now my team and I have a reliable roadmap for the upcoming few months in which we know our organic rankings (particularly for high intent keywords) will surely rise and with it the rest of the business. I can’t recommend working with Pawel enough for anyone who’s serious about increasing targeted organic traffic to their site”

Craig Hewitt – CEO,

“Smashing Copy is our go-to agency when we need help with SEO. Their vast experience plus incredible SEO and SaaS expertise have been instrumental in WisePops’ growth. With Pawel’s help, we’ve been able to publish content that ranks without any extra effort on our side and attracts a lot of new customers.

What’s more, Pawel is super easy to work with and always feels like a member of our team, not an external vendor. I’m happy to recommend Pawel to any other SaaS marketer looking for help with growing their product.”

Greg d’Aboville, Head of Growth,

“We’ve been working with Pawel on different SEO and content writing projects – from blog posts and editorial articles to eBooks – and we’re always amazed how he manages to deliver such a high-quality copy on time.

Pawel has amazing work processes, from getting the brief, ensuring we both understand the goals for the content, to writing. And because of that, we never have to go back and forth with edits and get projects done fast. What’s more, Pawel works hard on establishing a personal connection with a client; it’s always a pleasure to work with him.”

Kate Chernyaeva – Marketing Manager, SEMrush

“Pawel does an amazing job with our content production. Not only does he write the blog topics we brainstorm internally, but he also helps craft the objective ideas to make posts engaging and ensure that they rank well for our target keywords.
I appreciate the most his ability to get the content done with the little direction within the process.

Tania German, Sr. Marketing Manager, seoClarity

“Pawel is one of the best SEO copywriters we’ve ever worked with. He immediately understood the kind of content that our audience likes and constantly delivers great articles, on time.
All his articles are well researched, full of data points, and links to interesting resources. We’re gonna work more and more with Pawel as he also has a clear strategic view on Content Marketing and provides valuable feedback for scaling our marketing effort.”

Massimo Cheruzzi, CEO, AdEspresso


What is SaaS SEO?

On the whole, SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the key marketing strategies aiming to increase relevant traffic to the site. By leveraging various SEO strategies like keyword research, SEO content creation, technical SEO, link building, and more, you increase website rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords your potential customers use along their buying journey. 

SaaS SEO, therefore, refers to strategies working particularly well for software-as-a-service companies. The goal of SaaS SEO is the same – to generate higher rankings, and ensure that more potential users find your website in SERPs, land on your pages, and learn more about your product.

How does SEO help SaaS companies?

A high-quality SEO strategy will increase your SaaS exposure, boost brand awareness, increase traffic to your website, and ultimately generate more paying customers. 

On top of that, building strong search visibility will reduce your reliance on paid advertising and other marketing strategies to generate growth. 

With a well-implemented SEO strategy, your company will receive a steady stream of potential customers to the site month after month after month, without having to actually pay for any of those clicks.

What is involved in optimizing a SaaS website?

SEO contains a lot of moving parts, making a complete SaaS SEO strategy a complex and lengthy endeavour. Your current situation, and the amount of work done on the website to date will also affect the final set of services required to optimize your site. 

On the whole, building search visibility, boosting rankings and traffic requires focusing on three core concepts of SEO:

Understanding and targeting the right customers

To rank well, you must first understand the people you want to attract to the site. You must know 

  • What problems do you help them overcome with software?
  • What topics interest them the most? 
  • How do they search for information relating to those topics?  
  • What keywords do they type into the search box when looking for that information? 

The process of understanding the target audience begins with comprehensive keyword research, followed by competitive SEO analysis, and more. 

Auditing and optimizing the site

There really is no point in creating content if your site suffers from technical issues that hinder any SEO efforts. 

Therefore, the first step in the optimization process is conducting a thorough site audit to identify and eliminate those technical issues. We also recommend conducting a separate competitor audit to identify what might be working for them (and in which areas of SEO they fall short.)

Creating SEO-optimized content

The second aspect of a high-quality SEO strategy is creating well-optimized content targeting keywords you’ve identified earlier. 

Note that your content includes more than blog posts but any content-related assets that match a person’s search intent – videos, podcasts, graphics, and more.

As part of the SEO content creation process, we also recommend optimizing the existing pages to maximize their SEO performance and working to improve the organic CTR.

How long does it take to see results?

SEO is a long-term strategy and its results rarely happen overnight. Depending on your current situation, you should expect to have to work on SEO for at least 6-12 months before seeing real results from your efforts.

We target a unique industry. How do you identify keywords that our customers would be looking for?

Fair question. And we admit that we’re do not have deep expertise in every industry. We have worked with companies targeting many different markets, however, it’s possible that we haven’t worked with your audience yet.

This doesn’t mean that we cannot deliver a high-impact SEO strategy for your SaaS.

We have processes, playbooks, and workflows that allow us to get into your customers’ mindset, understand their needs, and identify topics and keywords that you should target to engage those people in SERPs.

To find out more about our process, check out this guide to our SaaS keyword research process.


I have another question, how can I get in touch?

You can reach us via the form on this page. Looking forward to hearing from you.