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Are you struggling to rank higher, and get more traffic and organic leads from Google?

I get it; you’ve been working hard at generating leads and signups. As a result, your SaaS product has been growing steadily. Users love it, and your conversion rates seem fine, overall… but it’s all not enough. 

You’re ready to get more leads and start getting ahead of the competition. 

It’s just… they seem to be everywhere you go online. Their content ranks for every possible keyword you try, all the while your site is nowhere to be found in SERPs. 

That’s where I come in. 

I am a SaaS SEO consultant with 10 years of SEO experience. I have been working with SaaS companies exclusively since 2015.

SaaS SEO ConsultantOver the last five years, I have helped over 40 SaaS brands, ranging from well-known and much-revered brands to new startups trying to break into the market. For some, I’ve planned and written an SEO-optimized copy. For others, I developed and executed complete SEO campaigns. For all, however, I helped increase their rankings, boost organic traffic, generate more signups and increase the conversion rate from Google.

As a result, most of my clients have been coming back to hire me again and again and again. Some have been doing so for years.

One reason, I believe is because driving organic traffic requires staying on top of constant changes to Google’s core algorithm, emerging new strategies and shifts in the SaaS audience’s preferences.

What I Help You Achieve

I focus on generating more revenue and growth for your SaaS.

Whether you have an established SaaS business or have just launched your software company’s first website, me and my team can help you increase organic search traffic and attract more relevant visitors to convert into users. 

When working with you, we will handle your entire SEO strategy to help your SaaS dominate the first page of Google and attract more organic traffic and convert those visitors into users.

To achieve the above, I work on three elements of the SEO strategy:

  • Technical SEO and On-page Optimization. I make sure that your website is readable by Google, free of any potential technical SEO errors and optimized for the right keywords.
  • SEO-focused Content Marketing. I write the content to position your pages for relevant, high-value keywords.
  • Link Building. I also increase your authority by sending relevance and quality signals by building high-quality, white-hat links to your site.

Pawel exceeded my expectations by a long shot on this project. In a short period of time he provided us with a very thorough evaluation of where our site is currently, where some “Easy Wins” are, and what some concrete strategies should be going forward.  Now my team and I have a reliable roadmap for the upcoming few months in which we know our organic rankings (particularly for high intent keywords) will surely rise, and with it the rest of the business. I can’t recommend working with Pawel enough for anyone who’s serious about increasing targeted organic traffic to their site

Craig Hewitt – CEO,

My SEO consulting services include:

  • In-depth keyword research to uncover high-value terms that will drive direct signups,
  • Complete site audits including a content audit to find new ways to improve its performance further,
  • A thorough on-page optimization to enhance your website and content, including internal link structure updates,
  • Developing a comprehensive SEO content strategy to help drive the results you want,
  • Content marketing and content creation to position your company for the most valuable target keywords,
  • Link building and digital PR to help boost your authority and links at the same time and more. Please note, I use white hat link building strategies only.
  • Link profile audits and link profile cleanups,
  • Technical SEO optimization that will make your website more compliant with relevant ranking signals and more.

Why SaaS Companies Choose Me As Their SEO Consultant

For one, because I have unmatched SEO and copywriting expertise in the software as a service industry. I have spent the last five years working with SaaS brands exclusively and developed a great comfort in communicating with software buyers. Overall, however, I have more than ten years of digital marketing experience (including four and a half years spent working as an in-house SEO.)

I have also written content for SaaS brands that positioned my clients in front of their target audience in Google.

As a result, I understand the SaaS audience. I know what their challenges are and can create a detailed action plan to connect with those people in Google easily.

I also understand SaaS companies’ common search engine optimization strategies. This insight helps me beat my clients’ competition in the organic search.


“I’m blown away by the Growth Master Plan SEO strategy we received. It contains more than just the analysis of our current situation, the market, and the opportunity. We got a detailed, actionable plan to help us improve our rankings, drive more traffic, and reach our goals in return. With it, we now know exactly what to do to increase our traffic and signups. Thank you, Pawel!”

Ana Ojeda, Marketing Manager, Quaderno

My Approach to Working With Clients

Here’s the process I’d go through when working to position your SaaS brand in search.

  1. I start off by learning about your business, specific market and your business objectives.
  2. Next, I analyze your current situation – Your top keywords, rankings, traffic, and website architecture.
  3. I also analyze what your competitors are doing to identify factors that contribute to their success – Top keywords that drive them money, links, content and more.
  4. Based on the research above, I formulae a custom SEO plan to reach your objectives in your ideal timeframe. It includes a long term analysis of the factors that will ensure your brand’s continuous growth through search.
  5. Finally, I get to work at implementing it.

Each SEO project includes (but is not limited to):

  • Auditing and optimizing the website,
  • Improving the site’s architecture,
  • Expanding its copy and developing new pages,
  • Creating the content,
  • Building links and more.

Am I the right SaaS SEO consultant for you?

I’d love to think so. But I also know that my services are not a good fit for everyone.

Depending on your goals or expectations, I might not be the partner you seek. Or the way I work might not match what you’re looking for in a consultant either.

So, below we’ve listed information to help you assess whether we’re the right digital marketing consultant for your needs.

I might be a good fit if:

  • You’re looking for a long-term partner or an SEO agency to help drive your organic growth,
  • You’re willing to invest in SEO and content over several months or years,
  • You have an in-house person responsible for marketing. It could be the owner or another non-marketing person; we don’t mind, as long as there is a single, dedicated contact inside your team who will take ownership of the project on your end.

Interested? Let’s talk!

Full-service SEO engagements start at €2500 (~$2700) per month. Campaigns operate on a pay as you go basis – they can be canceled at any time.

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