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Get more targeted search traffic to your site and hit marketing goals with SEO-driven, long-form content that your audience and Google will love unconditionally.

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Get SaaS content designed to help you hit marketing goals

The best SaaS companies get my help when fighting to put their brands at the top

Copywriting client testimonial

“Pawel, you did more than fill a content need for us, you got results. Both pillar pages you wrote for us rank at the top of page one for competitive keywords and drive thousands of visitors each month for us. You made it easy for me to know what you needed with an easy onboarding and education process, and you were invaluable during the process by providing expertise on the subject matter. Thank you!”

Jami Oetting, Director, Brand & Editorial, HubSpot

SaaS writer.Hi, my name is Pawel Grabowski. I am a freelance writer for SaaS brands. 

I combine 11 years of professional SEO experience with 7 years of writing for SaaS companies exclusively to create content that will get your SaaS found online and acquire you more users.

I’ve started Smashing Copy with you in mind – a busy marketer or founder who needs to create amazing, unique content to help their brand show up in Google search more often, drive greater organic traffic, generate leads, and even outrank more established competitors.

With my help, you will:

  • GET YOUR SaaS FOUND ONLINE. Position your SaaS along the entire buyer’s journey with high-quality blog content that drives traffic and leads.
  • BOOST RANKINGS AND ATTRACT MORE ORGANIC TRAFFIC. Grab top rankings and attract valuable traffic month after month.
  • ACQUIRE NEW USERS AND LEADS. Engage with visitors who are interested in your product and convert them into your funnel
  • OUTRANK MORE ESTABLISHED COMPETITORS. My research-based, and engagement-driven process for creating content will help you outdo even the most established competitors and rank higher than them in SERPs.

Give my services a try. You’ll find that working with me is simple and fun. I deliver your content quickly, I’m easy to reach and respond quickly if you need help or advice, and my processes and playbooks guarantee that the content I create achieves the performance levels you’re after.

Startups and established SaaS brands have worked with me to grow their businesses

Here's an example of traffic levels a one piece of content drives for my client

Example of results SaaS writer delivers.

Here's another testimonial from a client for whom my content delivered incredible traffic and leads

Pawel has helped build our blog from scratch, and what a job he’s done! Just one piece of the content he created ranks on pos.1 for most of its target keywords, attracted 50000 visits in the first six months and its traffic continues to grow at 3% weekly. His other content performs at a similar level.

Pawel is a fantastic content writer for SaaS. He introduced us to the process of creating outlines, the keyword research, and showed us how to engage users with our content.

Pawel is always positive, approachable, and never misses a deadline. We’ll definitely continue with him again and again.

Jedrzej Meder, SEO and Content Team Lead,

How I Help You Leverage Content to Grow Your Business

Content Planning

+ Keyword research

+ Content ideation

+ SEO content strategy

Content Creation

+ Data-driven blog content

+ Long-form content

+ SEO pillar pages

+ Content hubs

Lead Generation

+ Content upgrades

+ White papers and eBooks

+ Landing pages

Frequently Asked Questions About My Content Marketing Services

What kind of content types do you write?

I write almost any kind of content that’s required to promote your SaaS online. From amazing blog content, long-form content, SEO content hubs to white papers and eBooks, I got you covered.

Who owns the content you write?

You do. I believe in empowering clients by providing complete access and ownership to all their assets.

What's your experience in writing content and SEO for SaaS companies?

Here’s where I learned about SEO and copywriting:

  • I earned a Master’s in Marketing from the National College in Ireland with a dissertation on SaaS marketing.
  • I first encountered SEO and content marketing in 2008, when running a software company I co-founded with a friend of mine. Shortly after, I also started writing content to attract more clients to our products and web development services.
  • In 2010, I joined Staycity, one of the largest self-catering hotel chains as its first SEO hire. I launched the company’s SEO and content marketing program, and I have been delivering a seven-figure revenue from the organic search consistently with significant growth YoY during my five years there.
  • I began writing content to SaaS companies shortly after joining Staycity. My first big client was Many other clients have followed – HubSpot, Close, AdEspresso – and in 2015, I left Staycity to focus on my content writing business full-time.

Who have you written for, and what results have you delivered?

I’ve worked with over 40 SaaS brands to date, including well-known brands like HubSpot, SEMrush, Close, Ahrefs, Drift, AdEspresso, and others.

You can view the full list of my current and former clients here:

For some of those clients, I wrote content that helped them rank on page 1 for targeted keywords. For others, my role also involved planning the SEO campaign, optimizing their existing content to maximize its search potential, and more.

Will you work with my competitors?

When you write content in a single market, as I do, it’s only natural to be approached by competing companies eventually. As a result, I’m often asked how we work with businesses that target the same audience.

I accept no more than two companies targeting a similar audience with identical or very similar products.

However, I also give the first one that hired us the right to buy exclusivity.

By paying a higher rate, you can lock me from working with any of your competitors for the duration of our engagement.

How do you deliver the content?

I can deliver the content either directly into your CMS and optimize it for SEO, or hand it over in Google Docs, with instructions on how to optimize it.

Is there a minimum contract term?

Yes. My minimum term is three months because I want to be able to plan ahead, both in terms of strategy as well as my availability. That said, I offer a simple, 30-day written cancellation policy. When working with me, you’re never locked into any long-term agreement. 

My Promise to You

Because I am a freelance writer, working on my own, I get personally invested in your success.

Since I work only with a handful of clients at a time, to me, you’re never just another account on the books.

I build a strong partnership with you, work alongside you, and always give everything when fighting to put you at the top.

In practice, this means that I immediately respond to your inquiries, offer guidance and SEO copywriting advice, when needed, and never hold back on my expertise when writing your content.

So, when you work with me, you choose a SaaS writer who specializes in your market only – B2B SaaS. You also select a partner with the specific expertise required to push your brand to the first page rankings. And you will work with a SaaS SEO copywriter whom many amazing and respected brands – Hubspot, Close, SEMrush, AdEspresso, and more – have trusted to help deliver successful content and SEO campaigns already.


SaaS Copywriter Clients



“Pawel is our go-to SaaS writer when we need help with content or SEO. His vast B2B content writing experience plus incredible SEO and SaaS expertise have been instrumental in WisePops’ growth. With Pawel’s help, we’ve been able to publish content that ranks without any extra effort on our side and attracts a lot of new customers.

What’s more, Pawel is super easy to work with and always feels like a member of our team, not an external vendor. I’m happy to recommend Pawel to any other SaaS marketer looking for help with growing their product.”

Greg d’Aboville, Head of Growth,


“We’ve been working with Pawel on different SEO and content writing projects – from blog posts and editorial articles to eBooks – and we’re always amazed how he manages to deliver such a high-quality copy on time.

Pawel has amazing work processes, from getting the brief, ensuring we both understand the goals for the content, to writing. And because of that, we never have to go back and forth with edits and get projects done fast. What’s more, Pawel works hard on establishing a personal connection with a client; it’s always a pleasure to work with him.”

Kate Chernyaeva – Marketing Manager, SEMrush


“Pawel does an amazing job with our content production. Not only does he write the blog topics we brainstorm internally, but he also helps craft the objective ideas to make posts engaging and ensure that they rank well for our target keywords.
I appreciate the most his ability to get the content done with the little direction within the process.

Tania German, Sr. Marketing Manager, seoClarity


“Pawel is one of the best SaaS writers we’ve ever worked with. He immediately understood the kind of content that our audience likes and constantly delivers great articles, on time.
All his articles are well researched, full of data points, and links to interesting resources. We’re gonna work more and more with Pawel as he also has a clear strategic view on Content Marketing and provides valuable feedback for scaling our marketing effort.”

Massimo Cheruzzi, CEO, AdEspresso