SEO copywriting and content writing for SaaS brands

Are You Looking for a SaaS SEO Consultant?

Do you need an experienced SEO consultant to help your B2B SaaS brand generate more revenue and growth from the organic search?

Great news, that’s what I do! I get more clicks to your website and more users for your product.

Over the last five years, I have helped over 40 SaaS brands, ranging from well-known and much-revered brands to new startups trying to break into the market. For some, I’ve planned and written an SEO-optimized copy. For others, I developed and executed complete SEO campaigns. For all, however, I helped increase their rankings, boost organic traffic, generate more signups and increase the conversion rate from Google.

As a result, most of my clients have been coming back to hire me again and again and again. Some have been doing so for years.

One reason, I believe is because I’m super easy to work with (you’ll learn more on that later on this page.) The other, because driving organic traffic requires staying on top of constant changes to Google’s core algorithm, emerging new strategies and shifts in the SaaS audience’s preferences.

I share that expertise with clients through my SEO consultancy.

What I Help You Achieve:

I focus on generating more revenue and growth for your SaaS.

I do this by increasing the number of signups, trials or demo requests (depending on your sales process.) This, in turn, happens as a result of driving more highly-targeted traffic to your site by boosting its search visibility and rankings in Google.

To achieve the above, I work on three elements of the SEO strategy:

Website and On-page Optimization. I make sure that your website is readable by Google, free of any potential technical SEO errors and optimized for the right keywords.

SEO Copywriting. I write the content to position your pages for relevant, high-value keywords.

Link Development. I also increase your authority by sending relevance and quality signals through building high-quality, white hat links to your site.

My SEO consulting services include, specifically:

  • In-depth keyword research to uncover high-value terms that will drive direct signups,
  • Complete site audits including a content audit to find new ways to improve its performance further,
  • A thorough on-page optimization to enhance your website and content, including internal link structure updates,
  • Developing a comprehensive SEO content strategy to help drive the results you want,
  • Content marketing and content creation to position your company for the most valuable target keywords,
  • Link building and digital PR to help boost your authority and links at the same time and more. Please note, I use white hat link building strategies only.
  • Link profile audits and link profile cleanups,
  • Technical SEO optimization that will make your website more compliant with relevant ranking signals and more.

Why SaaS Companies Choose Me As Their SEO Consultant

For one, because I have unmatched SEO and copywriting expertise in the software as a service industry. I have spent the last five years working with SaaS brands exclusively and developed a great comfort in communicating with software buyers. Overall, however, I have more than ten years of digital marketing experience (including four and a half years spent working as an in-house SEO.)

I have also written copy for SaaS brands that positioned my clients in front of their target audience in Google.

As a result, I understand the SaaS audience. I know what their challenges are and can create a detailed action plan to connect with those people in Google easily.

I also understand SaaS companies’ common search engine optimization strategies. This insight helps me beat my clients’ competition in the organic search.

My Approach to Working With Clients

Here’s the process I’d go through when working to position your SaaS brand in search.

  1. I start off by learning about your business, specific market and your business objectives.
  2. Next, I analyze your current situation – Your top keywords, rankings, traffic, and website architecture.
  3. I also analyze what your competitors are doing to identify factors that contribute to their success – Top keywords that drive them money, links, content and more.
  4. Based on the research above, I formulae a custom SEO plan to reach your objectives in your ideal timeframe. It includes a long term analysis of the factors that will ensure your brand’s continuous growth through search.
  5. Finally, I get to work at implementing it.

And implementing the SEO strategy includes (but is not limited to):

  • Auditing and optimizing the website,
  • Improving the site’s architecture,
  • Expanding its copy and developing new pages,
  • Creating the content,
  • Building links and more.

How We Work Together, Then

I aim to be as easy to work with as possible. I start working on your project as soon as possible, focusing on the most important elements that can move the needle for your brand first.

What’s more, I love establishing long-term relationships with clients. By doing so, I often become an expert in their business and the product, something that increases my ability to position it in the search results well.

And I simplify your budgeting process with flat-rate pricing, particularly when it comes to content creation. I offer flat-rate monthly consulting fees and fixed rates per various content assets. Plus, I can always tailor the strategy to your marketing budget and production plan.

Why You Should Hire Me Rather Than a Typical SEO Agency?

First of all, I have an unmatched experience that allows me to understand your product, the market and find ways to deliver the results you seek:

  • For the last five years, I have worked in the SaaS industry exclusively.
  • Prior to that, I spent four and a half years working as an in-house SEO. I delivered a seven-figure annual revenue from the organic search.
  • I also ran a software company, and have experienced all the challenges you face when building and growing your SaaS.
  • I have worked with over 40 SaaS brands as a copywriter and SaaS SEO consultant, and have gained experience in helping companies from startups to established, renowned brands.

But also, because when working with me, you’re working with the very person who’s going to invest their time and expertise to help you. You won’t deal with any account holders, managers or anybody else but me.

Interested in hiring an SEO consultant to propel your brand in search results?

Contact me to find out more about how I can help, discuss your project or request a quote. We’ll talk either via email or schedule a free consultation, whichever option works best for you.

FAQs - Here Are Some Questions Clients and Prospects Ask Me About SEO Often

Q: Do I need SEO?

I admit that I might be biased here. However, I believe that search engine optimization offers unmatched opportunities for SaaS brands.

Most software users begin their buying journey in Google, after all. SEO allows you to position your brand along every stage of their journey, raise brand awareness and attract them to your product. All at the fraction of the cost of buying paid ads to deliver the same results.

Q: How long does it take to see results?

Unfortunately, I can’t give a definite answer here. Achieving your goals depends on various factors – your current situation, for example. Even your domain age will play a part in the speed at which you’ll see results from an SEO strategy. When beginning the work, I will give you an estimate of what we can achieve in a specific timeframe.

Q: What results can I expect then?

This one’s easy to answer. The SEO strategy will deliver growth. It will come in a form of signups, trials or demo requests, depending on your company’s sales process. That, in turn, will happen because I will increase the traffic to your website from the search engines by improving your search visibility and rankings.

Q: Do you work with in-house SEO teams too?

Absolutely! Today, many companies would have internal SEO teams. However, often understaffed, these teams need support, consultancy and help with reaching their goals.

I know, I have worked as an in-house SEO too, after all. And many of my in-house colleagues as me to help. I’m always happy to do so. Here’s how I work with internal SEO teams.

In some companies, the team would like some outside help with formulating the strategy or overseeing the execution. In others, an in-house team prefers to focus on the strategic part. These people want to work more like project managers and search for a partner who could implement their plan – Create content, build links, manage the internal linking strategy, to give just some examples.

When working with in-house teams, I’m flexible and can meet their requirements to help reach their goals. I can take the role of an SEO expert to guide their strategy or pull my sleeves up and help implement their plan.