SEO copywriting and content writing for SaaS brands

SEO Content Strategy for B2B SaaS Brands

Do you want to get more leads through search but don't have the time to plan the entire SEO content strategy?

Are you looking for an SEO and content marketing expert to help you evaluate the search opportunity, conduct keyword research and find topic ideas? And then, deliver all this content to help you execute the strategy?

With 4+ years of SaaS copywriting experience, a marketing background and 5 years of in-house SEO experience I can help you plan and deliver an SEO content strategy to get you the rankings, traffic and leads that you need.

Many of your peers – Hubspot,, SEMrush, AdEspresso, Drift and others – have used my copywriting experience, and content marketing and SEO expertise to:

  • Increase search engine rankings,
  • Publish high-quality content to promote their products and services
  • introduce their products to new users, and
  • convince to sign up for a trial.

Strategy development includes:

  • SEO opportunity analysis
  • Deep keyword research
  • Topic ideation
  • Content audit and improving on-page optimization
  • Competitive analysis
  • SEO content strategy development

My Process

Here’s how we work together, from your initial inquiry to delivering you results.

Step 1. Intro call

We have a short, 30-minute discovery call to get to know each other and discuss your goals and the project in-depth. This call is also your opportunity to ask me for advice on your content and SEO.

Step 2. Scope of Work

Based on our discussions, we finalize the scope of work for the project, and I send you the proposal. You accept it, and we’re ready to rock.

Step 3. Research and Strategy Development

We kick off the project, and I begin all the necessary analysis and audits to deliver quick wins for your SaaS. During this stage, if required, I might also review and optimize your existing content to improve the highest impact pages and boost their rankings as well

Step 4. Ongoing Content Production and Optimization

I write the content as per the strategy and publishing schedule we identified. I also monitor the content’s performance and optimize it for the highest search performance continuously.


Here are answers to questions I often hear before someone hires me to write their content.

Why do you work with SaaS brands only?

Because it’s what I know best. I used to run a software company and marketed it with content too. I understand the challenges of growing such a business. And as a result, I can deliver the biggest value to software companies.

Do you also build links?

I understand that link building is a crucial element of a content’s success in SERPs. However, my strengths are strategizing SEO-friendly content and writing it. That said, I know some amazing link building companies, and can recommend the most suitable vendor to generate more backlinks for your content.

Some of the SaaS brands I have helped already

SaaS Copywriter Clients

And here’s what they say about working with me:

Pawel does an amazing job with our content development. Not only does he write the blog topics we brainstorm internally, he help craft the objective ideas to make posts engaging.
I appreciate the most his ability to get the content done with little direction within the process.  – Tania German, Sr. Marketing Manager at an Enterprise SaaS Organization

Pawel is one of the best writers we’ve ever worked with. He immediately understood the kind of content that our audience like and constantly delivers great articles, on time.
All his articles are well researched, full of data points and links to interesting resources. We’re gonna work more and more with Pawel as he also has a clear strategic view on Content Marketing and provides valuable feedback to scale our marketing effort – Massimo Cheruzzi – CEO, AdEspresso

Pawel has been a great contributor to the WisePops blog, and has proven to be both creative and super effective.
He also has a great knowledge of the SaaS industry and knows what you need before you ask. I am super happy to work with Pawel and will definitely continue working with him into the future. – Ben Cahen – CEO, Wisepops