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Hi, I’m Pawel, an SEO Copywriter and Content Strategist for B2B SaaS brands

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My passion is in helping SaaS and software companies rank for high-value target keywords with the power of content and SEO.

I do this by combining 5 years of hands-on SEO experience, marketing background with over 4 years of writing for SaaS companies exclusively.

But I’m more than just a copywriter.

Let me explain.

Most writers creating SEO content claim to know how to optimize content to rank well. I have lived search engine optimization for 5 years every day, working as an in-house SEO specialist full-time, and generating a 7-figure revenue from the organic search.

As a result, I can do more than just fill your page with relevant keywords.

For one, I can:

  • Assess the SEO opportunity and identify the most effective approach to positioning your brand in SERPs,
  • Evaluate the top ranking pages to identify what factors make them so popular in Google,
  • Analyze the competitive landscape and identify ways to outrank them,
  • Conduct deep keyword research to find short and long-tail keywords that can drive value to your business.
  • Identify factors that can boost your organic conversion rates.
  • Develop an entire SEO strategy to position you for the high-value keywords and drive rankings, traffic, and leads.

What else makes me different from the other guys?

I understand your target audience. And that’s not just because I’ve been communicating with them for so many years already. I also ran a small software company, where my responsibilities included selling and marketing our products.

Sure, we may not have been awfully successful (at least, not as successful as many of my clients are.) But knocking on doors to sell our products have taught me a lot about a typical SaaS and software buyer.  

As a result, I know how to engage software buyers. I understand their challenges. And I know how to make your core message relevant to them. Be it a simple blog post or complex long-form content, I can help connect you with the target audience.

I also need a little direction in the process. My marketing, SEO and copywriting experience make it easy for me to decide which stories to tell, what tone to take, and what elements to include in the copy to have it rank well and engage your target audience.

Do You Need Help with Writing Content for Your Target Keywords?

I’m an SEO copywriter with over 5 years of hands-on in-house SEO experience.

Over the last four years, I’ve helped brands like Hubspot, AdEspresso,, SEMrush, seoClarity, Autopilot, Drift, UserVoice and countless more:

  • Generate and convert more inbound leads,
  • Attract highly-qualified audience,
  • Boost search rankings and visibility, and most importantly,
  • Get the right buyers to fall in love with their solutions.
  • I’d love to help you too.

Learn more about me or get in touch right away.

About the Author

Pawel Grabowski is a freelance SaaS copywriter specializing in writing actionable, SEO-focused copy that attracts rankings, traffic, and leads. Before becoming a professional copywriter, Pawel spent over 5 years working as an in-house SEO.