Pawel Grabowski - Enterprise SEO Expert and Consultant

Increase your rankings, organic traffic, and leads with B2B enterprise SEO services.

I help established SaaS, tech, and B2B companies drive more traffic, leads and grow revenue from the organic search with SEO and content.

I do this by supporting the three pillars of your SEO strategy: creating and optimizing your content, eliminating technical SEO issues, and building links to rank your pages faster.

Results-Driven Enterprise SEO Services

Whether you have an in-house team of SEO experts or have just started building out your SEO program, I can help you increase your domain’s presence in the search results, boost organic search traffic, attract more relevant website visitors and convert them into leads and paying customers. 

When working with you, I can handle your entire SEO (search engine optimization) strategy to help your company dominate the first page of Google. Or I can work as an extension of your existing team of SEO professionals, supporting them with all the aspects of the strategy they need a helping hand with.

Overall, I can help you:

  • Identify the biggest opportunities to increase website traffic to meet revenue goals,
  • Find new relevant and highly-profitable keywords,
  • Plan and improve site architecture to maximize the site’s SEO performance,
  • Understand the market and the search landscape to identify where to focus marketing efforts,
  • Conduct a topical analysis to discover how to dominate the search landscape,
  • Audit the site and suggest which technical SEO issues to fix immediately,
  • Improve on-page SEO to boost your content’s rankings and traffic
  • Build links to drive up your domain authority, and
  • Create content to target new and highly valuable keywords.

How I Help - My SEO Services & SEO Process

SEO involves many complex skills and techniques. It’s not just about slapping keywords a couple of times on a page. To rank a domain at the top of the search results, you need to discover where your audience is, how they look for products like yours and position your content for those phrases to drive them to your sales funnel. 

Many of those skills and techniques may, unfortunately, exceed your team’s current expertise.

That’s where I come in. 

With ten years in the SEO industry, and having spent the last five years working alongside marketing teams in large organizations, I bring a unique blend of experience and expertise to the table. Whether it’s improving your existing traffic and organic sales, figuring out why your content doesn’t rank as well as it could or kickstarting your enterprise company’s search visibility, I’ve got the chops to make it happen.

In my work, I specialize in supporting enterprise organizations in three areas of SEO:


Keyword research lies at the heart of a solid SEO strategy. I help brands conduct the analysis to reveal what keywords their prospects use when searching for their products. I also assist in developing the strategy and roadmap to helping clients reach their goals with SEO. 

Services include:

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I assist with identifying and eliminating various technical SEO issues that affect the performance of your enterprise SEO strategy. From conducting thorough site audits based on over 300 different checkpoints to making recommendations of what to fix and working with the technical teams on implementing those fixes, I help your organization maximize your website’s performance. 

Services include:

  • Site Audits
  • Google Penalty Recovery
  • Website Migrations
  • Website Architecture + Structure Review

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Links continue to remain one of the most important ranking factors. The right number of strong, authoritative backlinks will help your site grow the domain authority, rankings, and traffic, all of which will lead to more leads and revenue from SEO. I help clients acquire more links using a combination of over 25 different link building strategies, focusing on generating the highest quality and topically-relevant links.

Services include:

  • Backlink Audit
  • Outreach
  • Digital PR

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Who I Work With

Typically, my clients are established B2B SaaS brands selling to the SMB market, with an ACV up to $50k, but I’ve worked in other industries as well – IT/MSP, retail technology to enterprise software and more.

Overall, if you have an established SaaS, software or tech company, achieved a product-market fit and are now looking to scale up your organic growth, we should get along just fine.

Similarly, if you’re a marketer in an established SaaS, software or tech company who needs extra support for your SEO team to deliver successful campaigns, I’d be delighted to help. 

When working with you, I will become an integral part of your marketing or growth team, bringing our deep SEO and link building expertise to the table to help you 10X rankings, organic traffic, and leads.

Am I a Good Fit for You?

Well, I’d love to think so. But I also know that my enterprise SEO services are not a good fit for everyone.

Depending on your goals or expectations, I might not be the SEO expert you seek. Or the way I work might not match what you’re looking for in an enterprise SEO agency either.

So, below I’ve listed information to help you assess whether I am the right digital marketing consultant for your needs.

I am a good fit if:

  • You’re looking for a long-term partner to help support your organic growth
  • You’re willing to invest in SEO and content over several months or years
  • You have an in-house person responsible for marketing. It could be the owner or another non-marketing person; I don’t mind, as long as there is a single, dedicated contact inside your team who will take ownership of the project on your end.

Want to Find Out More?

Enterprise SEO ExpertBook a free, 30-minutes consultation with me. We’ll use the time to discuss your current SEO situation and your goals and basically get to know each other better to see if there’s a fit. You can also use that time to pick my brain on any SEO issues you may have. I’ll be delighted to share some actionable insights and SEO tips to help you grow rankings and traffic. 

Looking forward to chatting, 

Pawel Grabowski – Enterprise SEO Expert