Lay the foundation for building your SaaS company's organic visibility and kickstart its growth

SEO Jumpstart is a 2-3 month-long, budget-friendly SEO program allowing SaaS startups to kickstart building their search visibility without having to commit to a long-term SEO campaign.

Ideal for:

Startups with Product/Market Fit wishing to kickstart their marketing

SaaS companies with a brand new website

Startups wishing to kickstart their SEO program

Program Overview

  • SEO Jumpstart is a 2-3 month project that lays the foundation for the website’s organic visibility and prepares it for future growth. 
  • The program focuses on identifying the core topics and keywords your website should be optimized for and improving on-site and on-page optimization for those phrases.
  • The program resembles the typical start of any full-scale SEO program. It includes keyword research (commercial keywords only), site architecture development, keyword mapping, and on-page optimization (incl. SEO copywriting) to ensure proper optimization and lay the foundation for growth. 

The program costs $1500 (one-time payment) The fee includes all the necessary research + optimization of up to 5 existing pages. Any additional pages (existing or new) cost $250 per page and the fee also includes writing up to 800 words of web copy.

How Does SEO Jumpstart Work in Practice?

I cooperate with you on the strategy and together, we develop a custom-tailored plan to start the website’s organic search visibility.

During the process, you bring in the product, audience, and market knowledge while my role is to translate that into a program to establish and improve the website’s visibility.

I, then, execute the strategy, optimizing pages for relevant keywords, and creating any new pages necessary to generate the initial visibility.

At the end of the process, I issue the closing report showing the performance of the keywords and including recommendations for future SEO actions to capitalize on the momentum.

What's Included

SEO Jumpstart is a 2-3 month-long engagement and follows this process:

Step 1. Research and website review

I begin the engagement by evaluating the site as it is now with a technical SEO audit. I do this to eliminate any major site-wide issues that might hinder SEO efforts on existing and future pages.

Next, I conduct site-wide keyword research and keyword mapping. The research helps me to identify the most profitable phrases.

Based on this research, I develop the site architecture plan and  map those keywords to relevant pages (existing and new ones that we should create.)

Step 2. On-page optimization of existing pages

I optimize up to three existing pages on the site for the most relevant keywords that can attract relevant traffic.

For each page, I will:

  • Analyze the SERP to identify top factors to identify changes necessary to improve rankings
  • Optimize meta tags, body copy, and images for the page’s target keywords and their semantic variations
  • Create an internal linking strategy
  • Re-index it through Google Search Console
  • Offer further recommendations for changes and off-page factors to implement.

All these actions are intended to lay the foundation for the site’s future success in search.

Step 3. Creation and copywriting of new pages (if required)

Depending on the keyword research and mapping findings, we may decide to create additional pages to target more focus keywords.

From experience, I normally create about 3-5 additional pages per campaign, however, the final number depends on your content assets so far and the keyword landscape in your market.

Step 4. Final on-page improvements and final site audits

With all the optimizations completed, I conduct the final site audit to evaluate the site’s health. This process also helps me spot and eliminate any potential issues that may have arisen during the process.

This step includes creating the final sitemap and submitting it to the Google Search Console.

Step 5. Project report

I send you the complete report including information about all the work carried out, as well as keywords performance and recommendations for future SEO work to capitalize on the current momentum.

How You Contribute to the Program's Success

  • Your product expertise and market and audience knowledge. I will need your insights into the market and the audience to kickstart research and finalize the strategy.
  • Product demo account. I will set up a demo (or free trial) account and use it to understand the product and its positioning better.
  • Website development team. I may also need the support of your dev team to help implement any advanced technical changes based on the audit if any.

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