Dedicated SEO packages to support SaaS marketers in launching, growing, and scaling their organic user acquisition

SEO packages for:

Startups with Product/Market Fit wishing to kickstart their marketing

Growing SaaS companies wishing to grow their online presence

SaaS marketing teams wanting to increase the ROI from their SEO and content programs

SEO Jumpstart

An entry-level, 2-3 month-long, and budget-friendly program that lays the foundation for the website’s organic visibility and prepares it for future growth.

  • Ideal for: Startups that have achieved the product/market fit and wish to kickstart their marketing or SaaS companies with a brand-new website
  • The program resembles the typical start of any full-scale SEO program. It includes keyword research (commercial keywords only), site architecture development, keyword mapping, and on-page optimization (incl. SEO copywriting) to ensure proper optimization and lay the foundation for growth. 

Managed SEO

A full-scale, complete and on-going SEO and content marketing management program.

  • Ideal for: SaaS marketing teams wishing to scale their company’s organic growth. 
  • Managed campaigns have 3-month sprint cycles, with each sprint focusing on optimizing and improving selected core focus areas (i.e., specific topics, keyword groups, or content clusters.)

Content Boost

An intensive, 3-month program to help maximize the ROI from existing content and website

  • Ideal for: SaaS marketing teams that have been publishing content consistently but feel they’re not getting the results they had hoped for. 
  • The program focuses on identifying and optimizing pages that haven’t achieved their full SEO potential to increase their rankings, traffic, and conversions.