Technical SEO Agency

Technical SEO (search engine optimization) can help you maximize your site’s potential to achieve the highest possible organic search rankings, given its current content, authority, and links, of course. 

As a dedicated technical SEO agency, we offer a full breadth of services to help ensure that search engines can crawl and index your website, and no technical issues affect its rankings and organic traffic. 

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Wondering whether you should use a technical SEO consultant? Here’s some more information to help you make up your mind. 

What is Technical SEO?

The term – technical SEO – refers to a process of auditing and optimizing the website’s technical elements to maximize its potential to be crawled, rendered, indexed, and ranked by the search engine. 

When working on technical SEO factors, our primary concern is to ensure that the search engine’s bot can access and crawl the website and all its pages. We also ensure that it can render its content properly, even if uses JavaScript or other scripts. Thanks to that, the search engine can index the site more accurately, and review it against its many ranking factors to rank it for relevant phrases and keywords.  

In short, technical SEO is all about ensuring that a website utilizes all the on-site SEO best practices, and is fully optimized to deliver on your business goals in the long run. 

For more information, check out this introduction to technical SEO webinar by the lovely folk at OnCrawl:

Do You Need to Hire a Technical SEO Agency?

It depends on your technical SEO abilities, of course. However, the fact remains that many websites are not checked for potential technical and on-site issues that can affect their search engine performance negatively. This often happens exactly because the team responsible for building and maintaining the site lacks the expertise and knowledge to diagnose and eliminate techncial SEO issues. 

Technical SEO specialists, with years of experience in auditing and fixing technical issues, can save you tons of development time, eliminate many errors, and prevent many others from developing as the site grows and expands. 

Who We Are

We’re a small but fierce SEO content agency specializing in helping amazing SaaS companies to dominate top search engine rankings. We achieve it by focusing on the three core elements of SEO – Technical SEO, content marketing, and link building. 

We have over a decade of SEO experience and we’ve been working with SaaS brands exclusively since 2015.

Many incredible and highly-respected brands – Hubspot, Close, SkedSocial, AdEspresso, AgencyAnalytics and more – have hired us to deliver successful SEO and content campaigns already.

Our Technical SEO Services

As a technical SEO agency, we offer a full breadth of services aimed at improving your website’s performance in the organic search results. 

Technical SEO Consultancy

We can advise you on the best practices to optimize your site, even before it launches. Whether you need advice on how to structure the site’s architecture, what pages you should include, and how to organize them in the site’s hierarchy or need help with identifying the reasons for a sudden traffic drop, we can provide you with the support you need. 

Our technical SEO consulting services include:

  • Reviewing website wireframes or designs for potential SEO issues
  • Optimizing the website’s performance before or after the launch
  • Implementing the best international SEO practices to global websites
  • Analyzing traffic or ranking drops
  • Identifying indexation issues, ranking issues, and more.

Technical Site Audits

A site audit is a comprehensive review of your website against the search engine’s ranking factors. We can analyze how well your website meets the search engine’s standards, gather insights on its performance and identify what needs to be improved to maximize its search rankings potential further. Our site audit covers all of the most critical aspects of technical SEO optimization, including: 

  • Crawler accessibility to check whether Google can access all your pages, 
  • Indexability,
  • Robots.txt file setup, 
  • Sitemap, 
  • HTTP status codes,
  • Site architecture, 
  • Page speed, 
  • On-page ranking signals, 
  • URL optimization, 
  • Content optimization,
  • Code optimization, 
  • Internal links,
  • Structured data, 
  • Backlink profile, and so much more. 

We also audit your top competitors’ websites to identify how you could overcome them in SERPs.

Google Penalty Removal

If you’ve been hit with either an algorithmic or manual Google penalty, we can diagnose and remove factors that may have contributed to it, and lift the penalty. 

The penalty removal process includes:

  • Identifying whether you’ve really been hit by a penalty (which isn’t obvious with algorithmic updates,)
  • Evaluating which penalty applies to you, Penguin, Panda or a manual action, 
  • Auditing the site to identify potential reasons for the penalty, 
  • Removing factors that may have contributing to the penalty, and 
  • Taking other necessary actions to lift the penalty. 

Website Migrations

By far, website migrations are one of the most challenging projects for SEOs. Even a simple technical error can remove the site from Google’s index, reduce its traffic or affect any other area of its search visibility. 

We can help prepare and then, conduct a migration to eliminate potential issues and ensure a continuous, unaffected search performance after the migration.  

Site Architecture Review

Website taxonomy plays an incredibly important role in how search engines crawl and access critical content on the site. A good site architecture will help optimize it for the search engine crawlers (and make the content easier to find for website visitors.)

As a technical SEO agency, we can review your site’s architecture and advise on how to optimize the information to make it easier to access and crawl. 

Have a technical SEO question or looking for an SEO company to help optimize your site? Schedule a free conversation and let us offer you the guidance you need.