SEO copywriting and content writing for SaaS brands

Work Examples

SEO-driven Pillar Pages for Hubspot

Copywriting project for Hubspot
Project type: Long-form Content

View Project: The Ultimate Guide to SEO in 2018

New Product Suite Copy for Quik.

Project type: Website Copy

View Project: Quik Product Suite (We wrote this page and every tool’s product page. Click on “see details” beside each tool to read its product copy.)

Digital PR White Paper for SEMrush

Project type: White paper

View excerpt: Building Online Brand Awareness with Digital PR

Online Lead Generation eBook for Inbound Interactive

Employee Experience White Paper for emplo

product solution white paper typeProject type: White paper

View excerpt: The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Remarkable Employee Experience

Blog Posts for AdEspresso

SEO-Driven Pillar Page for WisePops

Project type: Long-form Content (3500 words)

SEO-Driven Pillar Page for Adverity

Project type: Long-form Content

View project: Data-driven Marketing Guide

Educational Content for Survicate