SEO copywriting and content writing for SaaS brands

Work Examples

I have written copy to more than 40 SaaS, software and tech companies directly, from the leading brands to new startups. Below you’ll find a selection of my favorite projects.

A quick note: The copy I’ve written for these clients may have been edited since I’ve delivered it. To see more samples, get in touch.

Also, some of the assets I write go live under a client’s name. Doing so is a standard practice to communicate the client’s and their company’s authority, not mine. In the case of ghostwritten content, I have obtained the client’s permission to include it in my portfolio.

SEO-driven Pillar Pages for Hubspot

Copywriting project for Hubspot
Project type: Long-form Content

Organic traffic has always been one of the Hubspot’s pillars of growth. And when the company decided to target high-value keywords like “SEO guide” or “SaaS guide,” they turn to me for relevant, highly-optimized content.

I worked with Hubspot to identify the most critical information that would engage their target audience. I also conducted a whole range of SEO research to determine the best approach for the copy. And then, created the required pillar pages, following the company’s brand guidelines.

Today, both pages I wrote rank on page one already for hundreds of keywords, driving traffic and leads for Hubspot.

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New Product Suite Copy for Quik.

Project type: Website Copy

Quik. provides a complete communications suite for the automotive industry. The company’s software helps dealers and service garages across the US increase customer satisfaction, drive loyalty and generate higher revenue per customer.

Last year, Quik. expanded their software with eight new capabilities, making their product the complete platform automotive dealers need. And as a result, the company needed a new copy to communicate the benefits of their products to the target audience.

I worked with the company’s CTO to understand the target audience, the benefits of using Quik. to create product pages that achieve the above objective.

View Project: Quik Product Suite (I wrote this page and every tool’s product page. Click on “see details” beside each tool to read its product copy.)

Digital PR White Paper for SEMrush

Project type: White paper

The SEMrush’s Marketing Lab team needed to engage traditional PR professionals, communicate the value of moving to digital PR and position the company as the ultimate product to use for it.

I wrote a white paper discussing the benefits of digital PR, described the digital PR process using an award-winning campaign as an example, and showing how to achieve similar results.

The eBook launched in late September 2018, and so far it generated 2700 leads.

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Online Lead Generation eBook for Inbound Interactive

white paper example 2Project type: eBook

I love the eBook and white paper format. And when Calin Yablonski from Inbound Interactive reached out asking for help with writing a lead magnet for his agency, I jumped on board right away.

Inbound Interactive helps small businesses generate leads from SEO and PPC. And as part of a new marketing strategy, the company decided to capitalize on their existing traffic by offering a free eBook for download.

I took ownership of the entire process, created the eBook’s structure, outline and then, wrote the copy.

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Employee Experience White Paper for emplo

product solution white paper typeProject type: White paper

Emplo, an HR SaaS company, helps organizations provide better employee experience, encourage social collaboration between teams and simplifies performance management.

But the company struggled with little knowledge about the employee experience among their target audience.

I worked with emplo’s marketing team to write a white paper discussing the concept and outlining the benefits of investing in a better employee experience.

View excerpt: The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Remarkable Employee Experience

Blog Posts for AdEspresso

Project type: Blog posts

AdEspresso is a well-known and much-loved brand. The company offers a platform for managing digital advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

I worked with the company’s CEO and the marketing team for 18 months, delivering four articles per month, long-form guides and eBook copy.


SEO-Driven Pillar Page for WisePops

Project type: Long-form Content (3500 words)

WisePops is an intuitive popup builder for E-commerce brands. Among other incredible features, the product offers the ability to create exit popups and target visitors who are about to leave the site.

I’ve been working with the company’s Head of Growth to create this long-form SEO-driven pillar page to rank the company for terms related to this specific functionality.

View project: Exit Popup

SEO-Driven Pillar Page for Adverity

Project type: Long-form Content

Adverity is a powerful marketing analytics platform allowing companies to connect, organize and visualize all their data. As part of the marketing initiative, the company decided to position their brand on top of the search results for high-value keywords.

I’ve been working with the company’s Head of Growth, writing various SEO-driven pillar pages that position Adverity in front of their target audience in the search results for a couple of months now.

View project: Data-driven Marketing Guide

Educational Content for Survicate

Project Type: Blog Posts

Survicate offers teams the ability to collect and act on customer feedback. With the company’s tool, businesses can run customer satisfaction surveys, CRM surveys and gather other feedback.

The company’s Head of Marketing asked me to help Survicate out with creating detailed, long-form blog posts to position the brand in the search results for relevant, highly-competitive keywords.

We published those pages at the end of 2018. And all of them are approaching the first page of Google’s results already (January 2019.)

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