Companies I Have Helped

Companies I have helped



Would you like to publish content consistently?

Use it to help drive tons of qualified organic and referral traffic to your app?

Improve the way you communicate with users and get the right message across?

And get them to sign up?

Content and inbound marketing are the two major acquisition channels for SaaS startups. They help attract and retain users for a fraction of a cost it would take to achieve the same with ads.

But you know this already.

You even know what content works for your app and have a full blown strategy worked out but…

…you just have no time to make it happen.

That’s where I come in.

Hi there, I’m Pawel. I’m a freelance lead generation copywriter and content marketer.

I work with people just like you – B2B SaaS owners and marketers obsessed with driving more website traffic, attracting new users and generating highly relevant leads.

I specialize in writing stimulating blog posts, thought-provoking eBooks and other lead generation assets to help you attract users, convert them into subscribers and later, paying customers.

In other words:

I’m a guy to call when you realize that you need help crafting compelling content to promote your app.

But I bring more than just a writing skill to the table:

With a Masters in marketing (and with dissertation on SaaS marketing) and background in business, I can quickly identify your company’s needs and create content to help achieve them.

My past experience as SaaS marketing manager and software company owner helps me to understand your business’ challenges, uncover your message and devise ways to communicate it in a clear and concise way.

Here’s what content I could write for you:

  • Stimulating blog posts to build a raving audience.
  • Mesmerizing guest posts to introduce your app to new audiences.
  • Thought-provoking eBooks and whitepapers to raise your authority.
  • Enchanting email and drip-campaigns to nurture leads.
  • Seductive website copy to attract customers to your product.
  • Irresistible landing pages to get visitors on your email list.
  • Exciting announcements to get your customers hungry for new features.

And many more.

What makes me ideal to help you:

  • 5 years of freelance online copywriting experience.
  • Masters in Marketing with dissertation on SaaS marketing.
  • Professional experience in Marketing and Sales.
  • Vast experience in promoting SaaS companies.
  • Previous experience as a marketing manager for SaaS startup (who, by the way, are still my client today).
  • 5 years SEO experience.

So, if you need to:

  • Attract more high-quality leads.
  • Increase your product’s awareness.
  • Convince visitors to take action.
  • Convert browsers into trial users and consequently, paying customers.
  • Build an engaged audience.
  • Communicate your product’s benefits.
  • And improve your sales message…

…then you’ve come to the right place.

How to get started?

First, review my services and pick the one you’re interested in.

Next, send me an email to tell me more about your project. I will get back to you within 24 hours letting you know my rates, if I think we could work together and when I could start.

Last, if we’re both happy with everything, we’ll schedule an intro call over Skype to discuss your project in-depth and plan the work.


I wrote or ghost wrote for such sites as:


What my clients say...


Pawel has a passion for his writing and craft that is rare and fantastic. He’s great at seeing the big picture of a marketing campaign, and at the same time able to execute the small but important details. He’s a great communicator, over-deliverer, and nice guy as well.


Pawel has a wealth of marketing knowledge and a great understanding of sales strategies. If you need someone who is always helpful, flexible, positive, and always willing to go the extra mile to deliver the best work result possible, Pawel is the one.


I’m not sure how Pawel is able to excel at so many things, but he puts his heart into his projects and writes from experience. He’s been contributing great content to eCommerce Insiders since our beginning. His articles are always on-point, thorough, and convincing.


Pawel is one of the best writers we’ve work with. He immediately understood the kind of content that our audience like and constantly delivers great articles, on time.

All his articles are well researched, full of data points and links to interesting resources. We’re gonna work more and more with Pawel as he also has a clear strategic view on Content Marketing and provides valuable feedback to scale our marketing effort.


Pawel is an incredibly knowledgeable content marketer and he seems to turn this knowledge into compelling copy and blog posts with great consistency. He is always approachable, full of ideas and has no problem getting stuck in, regardless of the brief. I would recommend Pawel to any startup company that needs help with their content marketing.

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